Get the fulfillment and impact you're looking for. 

Helping Mid-Career Business Professionals, Leaders, and Founders clarify what they want for their lives and careers and build a roadmap to get there, before it's too late.

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Individuals Served



"Jenni was fantastic to work with. I’ve worked with several career coaches and many have an intellectual understanding of the right strategic steps to take at a given moment. Jenni has this too, but she went beyond intellectual strategy. What she has that no one else had was a deep understanding of human beings."


Consulting Industry

"I felt immediately confident and comfortable entrusting first Jennifer, then Itir with my lack of clarity and need for support. Both seemingly understood my need very concisely and quickly (even if I couldn't necessarily articulate it for myself)... I knew after our first consultation that this would be the best investment in myself I'd ever made as an adult." 

Dean of Student Life


"Jenni was my coach for six sessions over a span of eight months. During that time, I grew as a professional and as a human being. What a gift it is to have a dedicated coach, a person to listen, to summarize and to repeat back your reflections. Jenni has a natural gift to actively listen, asking questions that helped me see my innate abilities and unique power."

Program Manager


"Nicole is a phenomenal career coach! She helped me tremendously when it came to narrowing down my “why” and what direction I wanted my career to go. Not only did her advice and training greatly benefit me, but she also was supportive the entire time I worked with her. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with Nicole."

Job search support to clarify and land your ideal career move.

The reality is that the hiring process is broken. It has been for a long time and it's only gotten worse in the last decade. You may have a sense that there must be a better way to navigate your next career move, but you just don't know what it is.

Learn how.

Our Job Search Accelerator is a monthly membership offering a step-by-step process, expert strategies, and insights to build a strategic roadmap to your next role. 

  • Identify a fulfilling, authentic, and aligned career path.
  • Stand out as the most desirable candidate in the room.
  • Save countless hours applying to jobs.
  • Attract ideal opportunities to you without applying.
  • Increase your salary and wealth potential.

Executive recruiting to have your ideal career opportunities dropped on your doorstep

As a busy senior-leader and executive, wouldn't it be great if there was someone who would do the heavy lifting of your job search for you?  We aim to play the matchmaker between great talent and great opportunities to speed up the process of everyone finding the right fit, the first time.

Learn How.

Our Executive Recruiting team identifies what you're looking for and matches you with aligned opportunities that check your boxes.

  • Evaluation of your target opportunities.
  • Feedback to create a compelling personal brand that attracts employers. 
  • Personalized connections to top tier organizations and fast-tracking to the interview stage.
  • Support to navigate the interview and negotiation process and ensure you're landing in the right role.

Career and executive coaching to start operating at the next level of your career.

Despite working hard and climbing the ranks to success, you still don't have the time, flexibility, or freedom to focus on what matters most. You're bogged down by workplace inefficiencies, stalled in indecision, and overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities on your plate. But the truth is that what got you here isn't what's going to get you to the next level. Taking an intentional approach to your career, means building a new toolkit to operate with clarity, focus, and precision. 

Learn How.

Our Coaching Collective provides a suite of powerhouse career and executive coaches that can help you:

  • Step back from your busy day-to-day to assess where you are and where you're going.
  • Gain confidence to lean into your most authentic self.
  • Be honest about what you truly want and take intentional steps to go after it.
  • Take radical responsibility to show up as your most powerful self and make the impact you desire.

Team workshops to drive your team and organizational performance.

You're tired of plug and play learning and development solutions that don't meet the needs of your unique team dynamics, goals, and challenges. You want to skyrocket your team to improved outcomes, but you need the right thought partner to help you execute your vision. 

Learn How.

Our powerhouse executive coaches and expert facilitators can help you:

  • Clarify your team challenges, goals, and outcomes.
  • Build customized workshops and learning programs that boost employee engagement and performance.
  • Create long-lasting learnings and insights for your team.
  • Create a ripple impact in your organization.

We believe life is too damn short to not love it.

Hey there, I'm Jenni, the Founder of Fink Development and I'm no stranger to the difficulties of figuring out how to navigate your career journey and get the most out of it. It's hard, there is no doubt.

But, what I've learned along the way is that having the right tools and the right partner in your corner significantly impacts your ability to imagine the life that you truly desire and create the actions to go after it. 

Learn more about more my story and why I do the work I do.

What past clients have to say....

"Sarah helped me to open so many doors inside my mind, becoming more aware of my potential, my skills, and being able to communicate all of these in a story that can catch everyone's attention. Super professional and a pleasure to talk to, as a coach and as a friend. Great listener and a fantastic coach!"

Account Director  Technology

 The daily anxiety I felt when I started working with Fielding has evaporated and I feel an added layer of confidence in my decision-making, whether or not my decisions please others (my Achilles heel prior to coaching!) It’s impossible to say where I would be now without Fielding, but I believe that I now possess a calm confidence and contentedness that wasn't fully present in me before."

Founder  Recruiting 

"Katie is a remarkably engaged, helpful, and thoughtful coach. I know I can count on her for her insight, and I trust her guidance and expertise. I appreciate the impact of our work because it's accelerated my thinking, and brought my goals within reach. Our work together is always purposeful and focused on my desired outcomes as the client."

Senior Manager  Consulting