ready to Accelerate Your Career?

Ready to Accelerate Your Career?

We help ambitious business professionals clarify their next career move, articulate their story, and navigate the job search process to grow their career.


Authenticity is a word that companies throw around a lot, but at Fink Development we define it. We believe that authenticity is the combination of your natural strengths, values, and interests and we care about helping you identify yours so that you can start living your authentic life.


The Career Accelerator Method was developed from hundreds of conversations and realizing that clients wanted to have a deeper understanding of what the steps in their career process would look like. Our method ensures that clients have a clear structure to help them navigate all the way from clarity building through negotiating for the things they care about.

Gaining clarity of your strengths, values, and interests is the foundation to identify a career path that will match your authentic self and start living a life that you’ll love.
Perfecting the ability to articulate who you are and what you’re all about allows you to show up with confidence and share your unique contributions with the world.
Shifting your strategy from reactive to proactive puts you in control of your search to build long-lasting relationships and tap into hidden job markets.
Diving deep to analyze how your previous experiences and current opportunities align, helps you pin-point the jobs you want and stop wasting time on the ones you don’t.
Improving your ability to express your fit for a role both on-paper and in-person guarantees that you will start landing interviews and standing out from the crowd.
Moving beyond the basics and bias of negotiations helps you define all the values you care about and finally advocate for your market worth.

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“I can honestly say that I am following my authentic career path and I love that I get to spend every day helping others do the same.”

Jennifer built a solid career in several of the leading business schools in the nation, while also receiving her MBA with a concentration in Strategy and Leadership and her certification as an Authentic Leadership Coach. After spending 20 years in honing her skills to help organizations become more efficient, Jennifer decided to apply that expertise to combat the devastating impact that the career transition process can have on an individuals’ wellbeing and make the process easier for job seekers.

As the CEO and Founder of Fink Development and creator of the Career Accelerator Method, Jennifer helps individuals regain their confidence by clearly seeing the unique contributions they have to share with the world, and to master the process of finding their authentic career path.



“Career Development is not a destination, it’s a continual journey of refiecting on where we are, where we want to go, and what’s holding us back from getting there. In my career, I strive to continually develop as a leader and to help others become the leaders they want to be.”

Gaining clarity is the foundation of any career move. Understanding where you are and where you're going simplifies every single step in the career development process. This is why every individual who is considering a career change, whether it’s transitioning to a new role, developing in a current role, or venturing off on their own, should have a solid grounding of clarity and confidence before making their next move.

If you’re ready to make a change but there is something holding you back, it’s time to reach out.


The common day job search has evolved into a confusing, unintuitive, highly-nuanced process, that often leaves job seekers feeling invisible and broken. If this sounds like your experience, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We saw first hand how challenging this process can be after coaching hundreds of clients through it. And, then, we decided to change it.

This program was created to ensure that job seekers had a clear, easy, and efficient way to identify career options, job search strategically, communicate with confidence, and negotiate for their worth.

If you've been sending applications into the abyss and you’re finally ready for a better approach, this program is for you. It’s time to stop wasting time, resources, and energy and start taking control of your authentic career path.