01/ Monday Motivation for Personal Development Enthusiasts

Hi, I'm Jenni, the Founder of Fink Development. 

Welcome to the first edition of our Monday Motivation series for individuals committed to personal development in their careers. As a fellow human committed to personal development in my own career and business, each week I'll share how I'm learning, growing, and developing to provide you with resources, tips, and inspiration that you can apply to your own unique career journey. And, please always feel free to reach out and share what you're learning about, whether it's one of the items below or anything else you think we should know about. 

Until next week. Happy learning. Warmly, Jenni


✔️ The Big Leap: A book for individuals wanting to take their life to the next level: I read this book once a quarter to get back in alignment with my intention of pursuing work in my Zone of Genius and remembering to ask myself the important question, "am I willing to feel good and have my life go well all of the time?" If you haven't checked out this book yet and you want a little inspiration to "take the Big Leap to your ultimate level of success in love, money, and creative contribution", I'd recommend checking it out. Is it a little woo? Well, maybe. But I think most self-help/self-discovery books are. The way I think about it is, if even one quarter of this book resonates for you and makes some impact in your life, well that's a win.


✔️ Why You Should Build a Career Portfolio (Not a Career Path): An intriguing article exploring "how to craft your professional future in order to navigate our ever-changing world of work with purpose, clarity, and flexibility." While the specific terms in this article may be slightly different than how we think about gaining clarity and building an authentic career, here at Fink Development, the underlying philosophy is very similar. When you take an approach based in generating clarity around the intersection of all the things that make you unique in this world, it gives you an astounding amount of confidence to navigate your career journey with intention.



✔️ Most Social Profiles Aren't Good. Here's How To Fix Yours: An entrepreneur I've been following for a while, and recently purchased his course (see more on that in the coaching section below), often shares about how to show up with more impact on LinkedIn. I could not agree more that most LinkedIn profiles are terrible! I often will conduct a review of 100-300 profiles when I'm working with a client, to see themes/best practices/inspiration for their target role, and I'm lucky if I find 1-3 profiles that are good. The great news about that, is it's very easy to stand out if you put in even a minimal amount of effort and have the right strategies. This is a great article by Justin Welsh on how to up your LinkedIn game at the top of your profile (which is arguably the most important part for capturing someone's attention), it is a little geared towards entrepreneurs, but the advice is 100% applicable to anyone who's making a transition, or who wants to have a stronger personal brand (hint - I'm talking to you). 



✔️ The Coaching Habit: One of my coaches recently said, "I'm going on vacation do you have any recent coaching reads right now?" Leave it to one of our coaches to want to read about coaching on her vacation, LOL. I ended up recommending one of my favorite go-to's on this topic. This book touches on active listening and curiosity skills that are fabulous for any human to develop, but are especially useful is you're a manger or have any interest in coaching/developing others around you. 


✔️ The Way to Be More Coach-like: If you're not ready to commit to the full book above, just yet, here's a great episode featuring the author of the Coaching Habit, Michael Bungay Stanier, on one of my favorite podcasts, Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak. This is one of the podcast episodes I have most often shared with others. I listened to it again this week as a good reminder, and it's still as powerful as I remembered it to be. It touches on so many helpful topics including, how to get to the root of a problem with someone, how to stop giving advice and lean into curiosity, getting stuck in the drama triangle with others, and captures a really prominent moment where Dave and Michael discuss how to interrupt someone who talks too much. If you listen, please let me know what you think.


For Fellow Coaches and Entrepreneurs

✔️ The LinkedIn Operating System: I recently purchased Justin Welsh's course and this week am on my second round of going through it from start to finish. This is the 3rd course I've purchased and completed on how to grow on LinkedIn from different creators. What I like about Justin's course is that it's incredibly clear and concise, and provides step-by-step frameworks and guides to actually move the needle. Where I've seen so many people get stuck generating content on LinkedIn is not having strategies that can easily be applied. The information he's shared in this course isn't information that I don't already know, but it is organized in a very simple way, especially for people who spend far less time on LinkedIn than I do. I have already implemented some of the strategies in this course to tweak and refine my own system, and think for the price point it would be valuable to anyone who's trying to make a bigger content impact on LinkedIn. If you decide to purchase, always happy to talk shop about how it's working for you.

The LinkedIn Operating System - Affiliate link

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