02/ Monday Motivation for Personal Development Enthusiasts

Hi, I'm Jenni, the Founder of Fink Development. 

Welcome to our weekly series for individuals committed to personal development in their careers. As a fellow human committed to personal development in my own career and business, each week I'll share how I'm learning, growing, and developing to provide you with resources, tips, and inspiration that you can apply right away to your own unique career journey. And, please always feel free to reach out and share what you're learning about, whether it's one of the items below or anything else you think we should know about. 

Until next week. Happy learning. Warmly, Jenni


✔️ The Genius Campaign:  I'm always game for trying new activities to see how they can help individuals gain clarity and more control over the lives and careers. The benefit is that I continue to gain clarity along the way as well. A fellow colleague, Leadership and Executive Coach, Fielding Arnold, recommended that I check out the Genius Campaign by the Conscious Leadership Group (a group whose work I respect), to tap into my network and hone into my unique Zone of Genius. Often clarity comes from within, however sometimes clarity can also come from gaining insights into the ways in which others see you. If you're in the midst of clarity building yourself, give the Genius Campaign below a try and let me know how it goes for you. We can compare notes.

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✔️ Forget LinkedIn, Your Next Job Offer Could Come From Slack: When navigating a career transition, most people want to know what are the best strategies to tap into the so-called "Hidden Job Market". In short, this means how to land a job through someone you know before it ever gets posted. And, the general answer is to know people. So what are some strategies to build relationships with people who might become future colleagues or bosses? One great medium these days, especially if you are shifting from one function or industry to another, is to join a niche group. Slack has been one of the mediums popping up with these types of groups in recent years. They are often invite-only, so you might have to do a little bit of sleuthing around to find them or a great question to ask in an informational interview is, "do you know of any slack networking groups that I could join related to x function or industry?" See additional details in the article below. I agree with the content, but not the title; LinkedIn is still a great place to network and find a job.



✔️ How to Compare Yourself to Others: Navigating social media these days can be hard. In addition to just being a time suck and stealing our attention (topic of the podcast below), browsing social media can also be destructive to our mental health and well being. This was brought into center stage with the whistle blower account at Facebook last year, but we are all no stranger to jumping on social media, comparing ourselves to the grand lifestyles, fantastic new job offers, and depictions of how we "should" look, and then feeling pretty crap about ourselves. The podcast below highlights that counterintuitively the solution is not to compare ourselves less, but to compare ourselves in more comprehensive ways. If you've found yourself on social media recently feeling not great about yourself (and let's be honest, who hasn't) then the podcast below might be a good listen for some shifts in mindset and behavior.


✔️ Stolen Focus: Johann Hari: Have you ever sat down to read a book or an article and 10 minutes in you're wondering what the heck you just read? Or, have you started moving quickly in your house to acquire a particular object, only to be districted half way there, and then forget what you were going to retrieve in the first place? I'm positive the answer, for you, is yes; and I know it definitely is for me. There is research that suggests that "the average American worker focuses on any one task for only 3 minutes before getting interrupted" and once our attention has been broken it can take 24 minutes to refocus on what we were doing previously. This week I learned that there is scientific evidence of 12 factors that can make your attention better or make it worse. And this is important because to achieve anything deeply important to us it requires a level of sustained focus and attention. Check out the podcast below to learn a little more about some of the factors and how your attention might be getting derailed. 


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