03/ Monday Motivation for Personal Development Enthusiasts

Hi, I'm Jenni, the Founder of Fink Development. 

Welcome to our weekly series for individuals committed to personal development in their careers. As a fellow human committed to personal development in my own career and business, each week I'll share resources, tips, and inspiration that you can apply right away to your own unique career journey. And, please always feel free to reach out and share what you're learning about, whether it's one of the items below or anything else you think we should know about. 

Until next week. Happy learning. Warmly, Jenni


✔️ Build Your Personal Charisma: "Charisma gets other people to like you, trust you, and want to be led by you. It can determine whether you're seen as a follower or a leader. It can determine whether or not your ideas get adopted and how effectively your projects get implemented." Sounds pretty important to career development, wouldn't you say? The good news is that charisma can be learned. It's the result of the combination of three specific behaviors: trust, power, and warmth, each of which you can exemplify through specific strategies and tactics. The video below is a great short-hand for the book, The Charisma Myth, by Olivia Fox Cabane, and can teach you some specific actionable techniques that you can implement immediately.


✔️ How to Find the Person Who Can Help You Get Ahead at Work: Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get ahead? How they get someone to speak for them, advocate for them, expend their social capital for them behind closed doors? Who that person is, and perhaps, more importantly, how to get one of those people on your team? This person, as defined by Carla Harris, is a sponsor. And, one of the most important assets for your career. Check out the short video below, which shares the two types of currency that are necessary to recruit a sponsor onto your team. And, if you are a would-be sponsor yourself, an important lesson about how to grow your power. 


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