“I feel exceptionally lucky to have connected with Jennifer for coaching and working together. In looking for a coach, it's tricky to find the combination of support, optimism, and practical knowledge that she brings. While it is so easy to get bogged down by the many moving parts of progressing through career choices, Jennifer brought confidence and a sense of lightness to each of our communications. She particularly excelled at helping me solve whatever issue I was dealing with and not just put a patch on. Keeping the long-term goal in mind while progressing through shorter and intermediate milestones is a particular strength of hers.

She is empathetic, kind, and grounded in her perspective. Beyond her patience and practical knowledge, there was one thing about Jennifer that truly stands out to me - I really enjoyed my time with her. Thanks, Jenni!”

Director, Global Non-profit
Industry: Public Policy
Education: MA, Social Policy and Philosophy