"I have been working with Jennifer for about seven months; and in this short period, I have increased productivity in my work tenfold. I have also shifted my attitude towards my work from a feeling of duty to that of joy. In other areas of my life, Jenni has helped me recognize how to be a better me as compared to some other forms of therapy or coaching that ask you to revise your sense of self beyond recognition. During our sessions, her sensitivity to listen and of attunement to my current state is organic and refreshing, and has taught me to better trust my own instincts, self-knowledge, and sense of ethics. I think that Jenni has the flexibility to address the needs of a wide array of different personalities and even to accommodate random or seemingly unstructured thoughts about one's current situation in life or one's future goals. What I have found of my time with her has been invaluable to my own belief in myself in a way that is authentically expressive of me growing into myself, as a more confident, conscientious, and positive person. Thanks, Jenni! "

Industry: Coaching/Education
Edu: PhD