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"Itir helped me clarify my values and desires so I could put more energy into working toward the things I want rather than avoiding the things I don't. Overall, this creates a much more efficient way of thinking, working, and ultimately being in the workplace and in life."

Product Marketing Director 
Coach: Itir Keskiner

"Jenni and her team ask the hard questions. I thought I had already done so much work in the area of leadership, development, and career planning. Jenni was the next stop in that work. We focused on my LinkedIn profile in this forced me to go deeper into tangible jobs, rolls, and industries that I could pursue. Working through this with her, and the questions she presented based on the material I offered, helped me clarify where I could go in the short-term and where I might want to move in the long-term. Generally, and specifically, the work was very helpful."

Creative Strategist 
Coach: Jennifer Fink

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