Meet Our Founder 

Jennifer Fink, Founder of Fink Development

I like to call myself the Chief Careers Officer of Fink Development, because I love to think about, strategize about, and talk about careers every day of the week.

Fink Development began in 2013, out of a desire to combat the negative impact that I saw the jobsearch process inflicting an individuals' well-being and confidence. I knew that I wanted to make the process easier and better for people to navigate. In the decade that I have been coaching, I've worked with thousands of individuals and learned what they want, what they need, and what they struggle with in their careers, and over the years have used that knowledge to develop a method that helps individuals navigate their unique career path with confidence and authenticity.

Today, Fink Development has expanded to a network of experienced and talented coaches who partner with clients to support, mentor, and guide them throughout every stage and season of their continuous career journey.

I hope that you'll consider joining our community of professionals who want to build and live their ideal career. 

We'll be here waiting for you, when you're ready. 


Shared Values

We believe in:


Learning is one of our core strengths at Fink. It’s necessary for the journey of any successful career. Aligning with the belief that the pursuit of happiness is not a destination, there will always be more room for improvement. Staying open to opportunities for personal and professional growth allows us to create stronger impact as humans.


The ability to understand the unique challenges and goals of a person is core to what we do. We work to meet you where you’re at and form a lasting relationship, the way that a mentor would. We’re connectors by nature and utilize our vast network to help clients design their authentic career path.


Our approach is built on the strengths, values, and interests of each individual — both for our coaches and our clients. It is how we show up authentically, capturing each team member’s particular zone of genius and how they align with each customer.

Meet Our Team

At Fink Development, we round up the most experienced and certified coaches in the industry, who understand how much our careers impact our daily lives and overall satisfaction. We have all navigated our journey to an engaging, fulfilling, impactful career and want to help you do the same. Our coaches have been where you are, navigating the organizational landscape and climbing the corporate ladder, while knowing that there was more they wanted out of their careers. The difference is that our coaches believed it was possible to build a thriving career that they loved and then took action to made it happen. Learn more about each of our team members and their career stories below. 

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