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How to Quit Your Day Job and Do Something You Love

December 18, 2019

Meet Annie Heath
Floral Designer and Owner of Ida Blooms

Is 2020 your year? Are you dreaming of finally quitting that job you hate to pursue your passion of arranging beautiful flowers all day? That sounds pretty great!  When I imagine the role of a floral designer, I see my days spent in a light-filled studio, surrounded by a plethora of exotic flowers (that somehow magically got […]

How to Transition into a Product Management Role

December 2, 2019

Meet Diego Granados
Product Manager at Microsoft

“The only limit to becoming a product manager is yourself,” this is one of the beliefs Diego shared with me last week. I met Diego several years ago while he was an MBA student at Duke’s Fuqua Business School. Out of the thousands of students, I’ve met in my eleven-year higher-ed career, Diego was one of […]

When Marketing and Operations Collide

November 14, 2019

Meet Courtney McAra
President and Marketing Operations Consultant at Mustang MarTech

Have you ever wondered how to turn your love of Tetris or obsession for office supplies into a paid career opportunity? Well, President of Mustang MarTech, Courtney McAra has done just that. After more than a decade building a career across several operations and marketing roles, Courtney ventured off this year to open a marketing […]

What it Means to Dress Up and Show Up

October 31, 2019

Meet LaChaun Banks
Associate Director at Harvard Kennedy School

I first noticed LaChaun in 2011. When I climbed the staircase of Kenan-Flagler Business School each morning, to my office, she was the first person I saw front and center in the Dean’s Suite. No matter what time of day, I was always in awe of how put together she was. I thought, “this lady […]