What’s on the Mind of a Pilot During COVID-19

Meet Mike Schmidt
Budding Aviator

JF: In February of this year you left a decade-long career in higher-education to pursue your dream of becoming a pilot. I think many people would have a feeling of “oh s#%#” for you right now. How are you feeling?Michael Schmidt: This is a funny and excellent question! When I finally decided to take the leap […]

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for 81% Pay

Meet Jordan Sale
Founder of 81cents

Two years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Jordan Sale, the Founder of 81cents, and today Fink Development Coaching is proud to partner with her amazing company!Jordan recently sat down with me for an Authentic Career Conversation, check out her story and amazing company below. If you’re inspired by Jordan’s story and want to […]

One Person Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

Meet Anne Steptoe
Executive Director of MedServe

A handful of years ago, I was working at the Fuqua School of Business and got to spend a lot of my time there with budding entrepreneurs. During this time, I watched students come into the program with wide eyes and wild dreams of pursuing their idea and hitting it big. As they moved through […]

How to Date in the Age of Dating Apps

Meet Lily Womble
Founder of Date Brazen

JF: At FinkDev, we define an Authentic Career as one that taps into your strengths, values, and interests. How does running Date Brazen create an authentic career path for you?Lily Womble: Date Brazen has put me in the driver’s seat of my career. I’ve always been very entrepreneurial– from starting a recycling club in first grade […]