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Complimentary Consultation

  • Are you lost in the job search process? 

  • Have you been unhappy in your job for too long, but don't know how to get out?

  • Do you need clarity on where to begin?

In this one-on-one session, we will get to know each other, explore what's going on in your career and what you're looking for in coaching, and identify how we could work together to achieve your career, leadership, or communication goals.

We can't wait to meet you soon!


When do clients choose this session?

When they want to take a comprehensive look at their situation, they are unsure of how to proceed in their job search, or they want to speak with a human before making a commitment to a coaching service.

What if I already know I want to work with you? Email us directly and we can get started right away.

Why does it take so long to get a session? Due to high client demand, our schedule books 2-4 weeks in advance.

How can I get an appointment sooner? Our classes are a great way to get started right away, while you're waiting for your consultation. 

Who will I speak with? Our Founder, Jennifer Fink, completes ever consultation to identify the best coach for a client to work with. 

Will we review my resume or LinkedIn profile during this call? 

In this session, we will discuss the overview of your situation. For career coaching, this may include how you feel about your job search materials and where you think you need assistance. This will help us determine the right coaching package for you. If you want an immediate analysis and feedback on your current resume or LinkedIn profile, a review session would be a stronger fit for your needs.

Full LinkedIn or Resume Review

  • Are you wondering what to do with your LinkedIn profile?

  • Not getting responses from your resume?

  • Want some feedback on how to improve your resume?

In this one-on-one session, we will review your LinkedIn profile or resume to review your overall design, examine what you're communicating, and identify areas where you could communicate your unique contributions more powerfully.

We can't wait to meet you soon!


When do clients choose this session? When they want to clear feedback and takeaways on their materials, or after attending our Free Webinar: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile.

Why does it take so long to get a session?

Every session is conducted with our Founder, Jennifer Fink, which means you get to talk to the real deal! It also means that demand is high for this one-on-one session.  

How can I get an appointment sooner?

Our current coaching clients have greater availability to be seen faster. If you'd like to start coaching right away, let us know. 

Do you help individuals craft new LinkedIn profiles and resumes? 

Yes, we definitely do! We've worked on 1000's of resumes and profiles. We know that it's crucial for you to have solid job search materials and we want our clients to feel confident about and love their materials. In our review session, we will provide you with concrete feedback and areas for improvement, we will also discuss how we could work together on your needs.


What if I need more than resume or Linkedin help?

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation session, so we can discuss your comprehensive needs, as part of your entire job search plan. If we find that your resume is the ONLY area that needs help, then we will develop an action plan that addresses this area specifically.