Building An Authentic Career in Talent Acquisition with Patrick Ward

In this short series, we hear from mid-career professionals, leaders, and founders on what it takes to build an authentic career, some of their challenges and proudest moments along the way, and their best piece of advice for navigating an intentional and authentic career. Get inspired below!

What's your name?

Patrick Ward

What's your title or function?

Talent Acquisition

What led you to this career path?

I went to Northeastern University, and through the co-op program, took a role in Talent Acquisition. After graduation, I went back into Talent Acquisition and have never looked back!

What would you say is your unique zone of genius?

I love chatting with folks and understanding what drives them, and being able to find opportunities that align to those drivers. It can sometimes make all the difference with candidates, especially ones balancing multiple offers, to show what makes your opportunity stand out, and, more importantly, why that should excite them.

What's a challenge you've overcome in your career (that you're willing to share)?

I am not a scientist, and sometimes, working with these brilliant scientific minds, I could get a bit of impostor syndrome or, just bluntly, feel dumb. However, I've worked to realize how instead of it being a "they have something I don't" relationship, we can actually compliment one another with our strengths and our gaps, and learn from each other. While I am by no means a scientific expert, I have learned a lot about the life science industry and the science behind these products in my 7 years in this space.

When you look back on your career what are you most proud of?

I love the impact of my work. Working at two companies that have focused on developing medicines to change patient lives, and a consulting firm with an almost immeasurable impact on the Life Science space, I can help brilliant scientific minds, and those who enable scientific innovation, be linked to opportunities that take full advantage of their skillsets and continue to grow them to the fullness of their potential.

What's the job or passion project you've considered but never gone after?

I think Recruiters get a bad reputation, and I can understand why! Some folks have a bad experience, some folks don't understand the value a good recruiter can have on their career, and some just haven't found a great one yet. I love getting to give advice to the candidates I work with, but I want to do this on a wider scale, maybe with a podcast or something of that nature, and share not only my perspective on things candidates should know, but also share the perspectives of others in this space (and maybe even have a debate or two)!

What is the best piece of career advice you'd like to share with others?

Don't be afraid to be honest with recruiters. The great recruiters will welcome this; the best recruiters look at relationship-building as a long-term effort, not something transactional, and would rather have to wait to find you the "right" door for you to walk through, rather than shove you through a door that isn't a good fit and have you back looking for a new role in a short time.

What does a fulfilling life and career look like for you?

I want to be able to look back when I retire and see my impact on the industry. I want to continue to nurture the relationships I've built in my time in industry, continue to meet great folks doing amazing things, and maybe even collaborate with them multiple times to make a marked impact on the Life Science industry and the patients we serve.

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