The Career Accelerator Method was developed from hundreds of conversations and realizing that clients wanted to have a deeper understanding of what the steps of the career development process would look like. Our method ensures that clients have a clear structure to help them navigate all the way from building clarity through negotiating for the things they care about.

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Whether you need to tackle building clarity, articulating your unique contribution to the world, reframing your job search strategy, examining a job opportunity, preparing for an interview, or negotiating for your value, we cover the full range of career coaching services.

In this program, we utilize our signature Career Accelerator Method to understand where you're at in your career development process and help you devise a personalized plan of attack to get to where you want to be. 


LinkedIn is more than a resume, it's your brand, your network, your community, your job search. It's everything.

If you're not using LinkedIn to your advantage, you're not utilizing one of the single most effective tools to manage and grow your career. 

Work with a coach to develop your LinkedIn strategy, identify your professional brand, and optimize a compelling profile that helps you achieve your career goals.


Are you starting to get prepared for an upcoming interview? This three session package is best for early interview preparation on the fundamental interview questions that are common across interviews, or for a targeted prep for an anticipated upcoming interview.

      The package includes:

  • Three 50-min interview coaching sessions
  • The "What Does This Job Entail" analysis
  • Scripts and strategies for answering some of the most common interview questions
  • Role-playing mock interviews with feedback

This appointment will be your first of three session, we will schedule you future sessions during our first call.


We don't just help people rewrite their resume, we help them tell their stories with profound clarity and confidence. At Fink Development, we approach your resume from a coaching perspective, helping you to examine the stories of your career, to understand how your experience aligns with where you're going, and ultimately express your fit with the roles you're applying to. 

We will work together to help you examine your job targets, choose a resume design that's individually tailored to your needs (versus a common template), and ensure that you're articulating why you're the strongest fit for the role. 

If you're ready to work with a coach for a different kind of resume experience, this package is for you. Let's get started.


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