The Career Clarity Kickstarter: Clarity Training for Mid-Career Professionals

Clarify your next career move with confidence and authenticity.

An 4-week accelerated program to help you identify and go after your most ideal career opportunity.

You probably know that you're ready for a career change.

But, you aren't sure what the change is or how to figure it out. 

Let me say from a decade of experience: 

  • You're NOT ALONE. Every single person has felt this way at some point in their career.
  • Clarity work is HARD. If it wasn't hard career coaches wouldn't exist.
  • It's a LOT EASIER, when you have a clear clarity framework to follow.

Let's be honest. If you're here it's probably because you've been trying to do this on your own for a while and you have a feeling that there must be an easier way.

When you join the Career Clarity Kickstarter, you’ll learn our signature method to gain the clarity and confidence you need to launch a focused, intentional path towards your ideal career.

Most of us want more out of our careers, but the process of understanding what that looks like and how to get there can be overwhelming at best.

In This Program, You'll Learn How To: 

  • Leverage new strategies and frameworks to gain the level of clarity that allows you to stand out from the crowd
  • Develop the tools, behaviors, and mindset that creates peace and calm in your daily life
  • Uncover the strengths, values, and interests that make you unique and authentic 
  • Build a greater sense of confidence in who you are, what you care about, and how you want to show up in the world
  • Explore your internal and external clarity so you know how to execute on the clarity you've gained
  • Evaluate the four buckets of a career transition and design a job search strategy tailored to you
  • Re-program your ideas about networking and building relationships to reach out to anyone with ease
  • Build an internal clarity guide to ensure you never land in another job that's the wrong fit 

"I've spent nearly 15 years trying to find the clarity that Jenni was able to help me find in less than 30 days. Her framework is masterful and elegantly designed, providing a profound level of internal and external clarity that I didn't even know was possible. Through positive affirmation and intense exercises in introspection, she provided me with an entirely new way of thinking about what's important to me and what I truly want out of my career. Jenni is an incredibly kind and warm soul - just a real pleasure to work with. I really can't recommend this program enough. I am so very thankful to have found her and this Kickstarter. If you're thinking about working with Jenni - just do it. You deserve it and you'll thank yourself every day for it. I certainly am."

- CCK Alum

My Qualifications

10+ Years Coaching and Advising Experience | ICF-Certified | Authentic Leadership Coach Certified | MBTI and StrengthsFinder Certified | BS, Psychology | MBA, with focus in Strategy and Leadership 

Hi, I'm Jenni, Your Career Coach

Listen, I've been where you are. 

I spent years trying to determine which direction to take my career.

I knew I had some clarity. I knew I wanted more. But I didn't know why I couldn't figure out the "right" answer, even though I felt like I "should" be able to.

It took me hitting the rock bottom of indecision before I finally figured out why I was so stuck.

What I learned is that I had been overly focused on one piece of the puzzle, but that there are several other pieces of clarity required to identify your ideal career path.

Once I had the blueprint for making informed, confident, and authentic choices about my career journey the trajectory of my career took off and I started landing the ideal roles I have been aiming for.

What I now teach is that same blueprint for gaining the clarity you need to propel your career forward.  

"This was a really helpful program and I'd recommend it to anyone who is in the first phase of a job search. I've been feeling paralyzed by the need to find a new job and very frustrated when I don't see a clear path. This training helped me narrow down my needs by examining what I'm truly looking for in a step-by-step process."

- CCK Alum

"This is a great program if you need inspiration or motivation for your next career move. Jenni shares frameworks and tools to help you clarify and focus on what steps to take to enact change in your life."

- CCK Alum

Going through the Career Clarity Kickstarter with Jenni has been a wonderful journey. The way the work builds made it feel manageable while also feeling content and rewarding at the end of each module. I love the way CCK gets you to insight and clarity without worrying about "where you are" in the process. The reflections were the the best "check in" at the end of of each module to ensure I captured the lessons. So much good came out of it that I will use for years I am sure.

- CCK Alum

Clarity is the foundation to every successful job search, once you have it every other step becomes easier. 

The CCK Method

The Career Clarity Kickstarter (CCK) methodology has three core stages that build upon one another to help you gain the clarity and focus to tackle any upcoming job search with confidence and authenticity.

Get Grounded

In this stage of the course, we focused on establishing new habits, behaviors, and strategies to calm your mind, increase your confidence, and improve your ability to stay accountable to your goals. Through concepts like mindfulness, Kaizen, and habit formation, you'll walk away with new skills not only for this course, but for life. 

Go Deep 

Next, we'll tackle the deeply foundational work of exploring, prioritizing, and owning your unique and authentic combination of strengths, values, and interests. And, we'll finalize this stage by building an internal clarity guide that will be the key to keeping you in alignment as you start to explore and pursue new career opportunities. 

Go Wide

Finally, in this stage we'll use our signature strategies and activities like Four Buckets, The Reverse Interview, What Does This Job Entail, and more to explore entirely new career paths, analyze the ideal paths for you, and develop the skills to get out into the world and turn your ideas into actual job opportunities. 

Jennifer's ability to help people understand their skills, passions, and interests and then connect them into career opportunities is second to none. Working with Jenni has been and will continue to be a pleasure. I am confident that anyone who is looking for a career coach would benefit by working with her.

- CCK Alum

The Clarity Kickstarter program is a great first step in beginning a new job search or if you are feeling stuck. Jennifer starts at step one and sets you up for success in the journey ahead. I loved hearing from others in the recorded session, who came from various backgrounds, and I could still relate to so much of what they had to say. This course is a great way to dip your toe into career coaching. 

- CCK Alum

Starting a job search is challenging and switching careers on top of it can make it an overwhelming task. The Career Clarity Kickstarter broke down the process for me. It helped me remember that a job search should encompass more than checking off a list of skills on a job posting. The program made me think of industries and roles that were not obvious at first.

- CCK Alum

It's time to stop waiting for the lightbulb moment to hit you, and instead go create it yourself.

The Program Design

The Career Clarity Kickstarter is a live accelerated 4-week Group Program for mid-career professionals wanting to prepare for an upcoming job search with the authenticity and intention. The next program will run June 1st - 22nd. Here's what to expect when you enroll.

  1. 1
    Pre-Work : Prior to your 4-week live group program, you'll complete critical pre-work to help your tackle your mindset and gain the internal clarity necessary to tackle the next 4 week of accelerated program with success. The work done here will be foundational for navigating this program, as well as the rest of your life (no joke). Pre-work is ideally completed 2-8 weeks prior to the program.
  2. 2
    Optional Add-on 1:1 Coaching: Once you start exploring your mindset and inner clarity work you might find that you desire a thought partner to dig deeper. You may need to combat limiting beliefs or resolve self-confidence issues that might get in your way as you move forward to claiming your next career path. Many of our clients decide to enlist the help of our specialized collective coaches for 1:1 support as they prepare for or navigate the program.
  3. 3
    4-Week Group Program: Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll meet with our Founder, Jennifer Fink, and a small intimate group of fellow students, for 90-min each week to accelerated dive into the external clarity modules learn how to identify the most ideal companies, industries, functions, and locations for your next career move. You'll also learn new strategies and tools for networking, getting behind the scenes information about the opportunities you're exploring, and evaluating the right path for you.

An Inside Peek At The Program

Our program is designed with a series of short and actionable modules that build upon one another to help you develop the right behaviors, habits, and skills you need to progress to the next step. We give you exactly what you need, when you need it.

The Pre-Work

Calm Your Mind

Learn mindfulness techniques to create a sense of calm and peace as you navigate an uncertain and new period of exploration.

Set Your Schedule

Build a schedule to create consistency and accountability to ensure you get the most out of this program and work.

Tackle Your Task

Learn and practice how to incorporate Kaizen methods into your daily approach to work and life to improve motivation and productivity.

Validate Your Values

Explore, analyze, define and prioritize the values that are the most important to you at this moment in your life. 

Investigate Your Interests

Brainstorm interests from a variety of angles to tap into hidden and buried desires and paths not yet explored.

Sport Your Strengths

Dig into your strengths through assessments, feedback, and reflection to identify your most energizing work.

The 4-Week Live Program

Strategize Your Search

Learn our time-proven strategy for developing a job search plan tailored uniquely to you and driven by your highest priorities.

Love Your Location

Evaluate the elements and context of your environment that most impact your daily life and overall satisfaction to find the right location for you.

Energize Your Industry

Identify new industries that will create a level of energy and excitement in the work you do and the impact you make on the world. 

Cultivate Your Company

Generate the qualities that a company must demonstrate to allow you to feel valued and supported as your most authentic self.

Fix Your Function

Explore new roles and functions that will allow you to feel energized, challenged, and create an impact in your daily work. 

Craft Your Path

Identify up to three new career paths to explore, refine, and confirm as your next ideal career move.

The Bonus Content

Calm Your Inner Critic on the Job Search

Learn how to understand and calm the inevitable inner critic that will arise as you navigate your upcoming job search. 

What Makes This Program Unique

A Comprehensive Framework

Some programs focus on one aspect of clarity, but not the other leaving people with some insight, but not enough information or structure to know how to move forward. This program covers all three of the elements you need to gain both internal clarity and external clarity, and the right mindset and behaviors to move you forward. 

"This program is a framework for life, in all aspects. I find myself centering on clarity for my personal life, my marriage, my relationships, work, goals, hobbies… everything. Having clarity in one aspect highlighted a need for clarity in others. I can’t really unsee it now. I strive for clarity in everything, whenever possible now." - CCK Alum

Reflection Guides and Resources

With clarity work it's helpful to move off the screen and on-to the page. You'll get access to full course workbook download to follow along with all the modules. Clients say this is a trusted resource they come back to regularly throughout their career journey.

"I've come back to the workbooks and guides multiple times throughout my clarity journey and job search. They have been invaluable for helping me remember the things I care about the most and to stay on track during my job search so I don't get sidetracked by shiny object syndrome."

- CCK Alum

Real Life Examples

When you're stuck in the land of self-reflection it can feel isolating and it's helpful to know that you're not alone. In this program, you'll hear real live examples of the founder and other participants going through the exercises and sharing their thoughts, insights, and questions. 

"My favorite part of the program was being able to hear from others experiences. I didn't expect this to be a part of the program, and I didn't even realize it was something I wanted or needed. Being able to hear from others navigating the same process, made me feel like I wasn't alone in what I was experiencing." - CCK Alum

It's impossible to reach your final destination, if you don't know where you're trying to go.

Hear From Former CCK Alums

Clarity is central to everything we do. 

So, let's be clear on who will excel in this program.

This Program Is For You, If You're
  • A mid-career professional with 10+ years of experience
  • Looking for more fulfillment and impact in the second half of your career, not any job.
  • Wanting to be intentional about your next career move
  • Considering a big change from where you are now and want a strategic framework to move through
  • Ready to explore your more authentic career paths, even if they feel scary or downright terrifying 
This Program Is Not For You, If You're 
  • An entry-level professional with less than 5 years of experience (check out our self-paced option)
  • Focused on landing your next job as quickly and already have clarity (check out our Jobsearch Accelerator program)
  • Want to focus on deep life clarity (check out our collective clarity coaches)
  • Too busy or unmotivated to show up, and do the work (wait until this is a top priority) 

Early-Bird Pricing 

Grab Your Spot in the June Cohort Today!

June Cohort



One-time payment

  • Secured Spot in June Cohort
  • Early Access to Pre-Work Content Starting May 1st
  • Exclusive Access to Add-on 1:1 Mindset & Inner Clarity Coaching With Our Collective
  • 4 Weeks of Live Group Training
  • 11 Modules of Clarity Content, plus 4 Modules of Bonus Content


How long is this program?

This is a 4-week accelerated program that starts on June 1st. If you need to start sooner reach out for self-paced options.

When are the live sessions?

The live 90-min sessions will be held on Thursdays from 8am - 9:30am PST on June 1st, June 8th, June 15th, and June 22nd. 


What if I can't attend the live session?

No worries! Each session will be recorded and stored in our online portal, so you can rewatch it on your own time and do the exercises in between live calls. We recommend being able to miss as few live sessions as possible to optimize your interaction in the program.


How many hours of work should I anticipate each week?

Prior to the program launch, you should anticipate ~10-15 hours of pre-work. During the 4-week program you should plan to carve out 90-mins per week for the live group sessions and 2-5 hours of additional reflection time to get the most out of the program.


What if I don't like it?

We are confident that you will! But, we do encourage our clients to do their due diligence: check out our testimonials, success stories, and reach out if you have questions. Once admitted, due to the nature of the program there are no refunds or exchanges permitted. 


Will this program teach me how to job search?

This program is designed to help you gain internal and external clarity so you can clarify your next career move. Many of the exercises you'll learn will teach you foundational concepts that will set you up for success in a job search. And, you'll gain some BONUS content on Calming Your Inner Critic on a Job Search and Articulating Your Brand. However, job searching is an entire process of it's own. One you complete CCK you'll receive exclusive access to join our Job Search Accelerator program, which can support you in the remaining 5 stages of navigating a job search. 


What if I'm hesitant about a group program?

This is a sentiment we've heard many time. Most people feel that they will be nervous sharing in a group. However, what we've founded every single time is that people didn't realize that they actually needed and wanted the group to make the process feel a little less lonely, for the added accountability, and to hear the stories and experiences of others. 


Which coaches will I have access to?

You will have access to Jennifer Fink during the live group sessions, as well as exclusive access to work 1:1 with our specialist clarity coaches in the collective.


Zero Fluff. All Clarity.

Join the Career Clarity Kickstarter and in just 4 weeks gain the clarity and focus to launch your next job search with intention.