Gain Clarity and Get Unstuck In Your Career

In this course, created by Founder, Jennifer Fink, you'll gain access to the exact strategies, tools, insights she uses to help her private clients figure out their next move and make it a reality. Plus, you'll get behind the scenes support from Jenni and her Customer Success Team. This is the first online course you'll ever complete that won't leave you feeling alone.

Course Structure

The Career Clarity Kickstarter has three core stages that build upon one another to help you gain the clarity, mindset, and focus to tackle any career transition with confidence and authenticity.

Get Grounded

In this stage of the course, we focused on establishing new habits, behaviors, and strategies to calm your mind, increase your confidence, and improve your ability to stay accountable to your goals. Through concepts like mindfulness, Kaizen, and habit formation, you'll walk away with new skills not only for this course, but for life. 

Go Deep 

Next, we'll tackle the deeply foundational work of exploring, prioritizing, and owning your unique and authentic combination of strengths, values, and interests. And, we'll finalize this stage by building an internal clarity guide that will be the key to keeping you in alignment as you start to explore and pursue new career opportunities. 

Go Wide

Finally, in this stage we'll use our signature strategies and activities like Four Buckets, The Reverse Interview, What Does This Job Entail, and more to explore entirely new career paths, create your own career opportunities, and customize a path forward for your unique situation.


Money Back Guarantee

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Why Clarity Is The Foundation to Every Successful Career Journey

Clarity isn't just some lofty goal for people who have the luxury of time and money. Clarity is essential for every single human who wants to show up with authenticity, intention, and fulfillment in their career. Clarity work is, well, work, but it has a massive payoff at the end. When you have clarity it not only helps you show up more confidently in your career, but it helps makes every other step of a career transition or development easier. And if there's something we could all use a little more of in our life, it's ease. 

Happy Customers

I've spent nearly 15 years trying to find the clarity that Jenni was able to help me find in less than 30 days. Her framework is masterful and elegantly designed, providing a profound level of internal and external clarity that I didn't even know was possible. Through positive affirmation and intense exercises in introspection, she provided me with an entirely new way of thinking about what's important to me and what I truly want out of my career. Jenni is an incredibly kind and warm soul - just a real pleasure to work with. I really can't recommend this program enough. I am so very thankful to have found her and this Kickstarter. If you're thinking about working with Jenni - just do it. You deserve it and you'll thank yourself every day for it. I certainly am.

This was a really helpful course and I'd recommend it to anyone who is in the first phase of a job search. I've been feeling paralyzed by the need to find a new job and very frustrated when I don't see a clear path. This course helped me narrow down my needs by examining what I'm truly looking for in a step-by-step process.

The Clarity Kickstarter course is a great first step in beginning a new job search or if you are feeling stuck. Jennifer starts at step one and sets you up for success in the journey ahead. I loved hearing from others in the recorded session, who came from various backgrounds, and I could still relate to so much of what they had to say. This course is a great way to dip your toe into career coaching. 

This is a great course to attend if you need inspiration and motivation for your next career move. Jenni shares frameworks and tools to help you clarify and focus on what steps to take to enact change in your life. 

Jennifer's ability to help people understand their skills, passions, and interests and then connect them into career opportunities is second to none. Working with Jenni has been and will continue to be a pleasure. I am confident that anyone who is looking for a career coach would benefit by working with her.

Starting a job search is challenging and switching careers on top of it can make it an overwhelming task. The Career Clarity Kickstarter broke down the process for me. It helped me remember that a job search should encompass more than checking off a list of skills on a job posting. The course made me think of industries and roles that were not obvious at first.

What Makes Our Course Unique

Virtual Coaching Feedback

You're worried that you may not get the clarity you want if you do the work on your own. That's why we've build virtual coaching into our course. You'll receive personalized insights and feedback on your reflections to keep your motivated and supported along the way. 

What they say:

"Thank you so much for the feedback and for checking in. I really appreciate that you are taking the time to read through my assessment answers and giving me feedback. That truly makes me feel that I am getting so much more out of this course and motivates me to keep going!"

Downloadable Workbook

With clarity work it's helpful to move off the screen and on-to the page. You'll get access to a full course workbook to download and follow along with all the modules. Most clients say this is a trusted resource they come back to regularly throughout their career journey.

What they say:

"I've come back to the workbooks and guide multiple times throughout my clarity journey and job search. They have been invaluable for helping me remember the things I care about the most and to stay on track during my job search so I don't get sidetracked by shiny object syndrome."

Customer Success Check-ins

At the end of each module you'll complete a check-point that gets sent to our customer success team. It means that we're watching behind the scenes to help keep you accountable, motivated, and excited to continue your clarity journey. The hardest part is doing the work and we're here to help.

What they say:

"Thanks for reaching out and making me feel welcome :) I think this is the first time I’m taking a non-technical course and I’m excited for it. I hope I’m able to truthfully do the work and find meaning in it to figure out the path I want to take for my career."