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Too often we see clients who have never had the opportunity to work with or select a personalized coach before, and are not exactly sure where to begin in the process. 

It turns out that one of the most crucial elements in having a successful coaching relationship is understanding what your needs are and setting expectations about what you want out of a coaching engagement.

We care about educating our clients every step of the way, so whether they work with one of the coaches on our team, or in our extended network they are informed about their unique needs and preferences and get the best possible fit to help them get to where they are trying to go. 

So we've created a guide to help you determine on your preferences, needs, and desires for your coaching engagement and career goals. 

Please complete the coaching needs review below to gain clarity and confidence about what you're really looking for in coaching.


Once you've gained an understanding of your needs, it's time to share with us what you've learned about yourself, and what you're really looking for. 

We care about building long-lasting connections with every one of our clients, and our goal is to make sure that we are the best fit for your needs before moving forward. 

This is no automated algorithm here, instead there is an actual human who is taking the time to thoroughly review every application with care to learn more about you, your unique background, needs, preferences, goals and painpoints, so we can provide the best possible recommendation for your next steps.  

To apply for an introductory consultation with our team, please complete the form below with accurate and comprehensive information. 


We are all about strategy, intention, and care here at Fink Development. 

Because we are reviewing every application personally, our process takes time. 

We will review your application and get back to your within 3 business days to make a recommendation on the next best steps. 

In some cases this will be an introductory consultation with our team so we can get to know one another better and discuss your unique career goals, other times we may share another resource, tool, or coach that better meets your needs. 

We look forward to learning more about you, and helping you find resources to achieve your career goals. 



We share helpful tips, strategies, resources, insights, reminders of upcoming trainings, and special offers so you can stay up-to-date on what's happening at Fink Development and most importantly we can stay up-to-date on your career needs?


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