You've got problems, we've got solutions. 

We have a team of top-notch career and executive coaches to help you solve your work-related challenges, so you can get your life back. 

Why I created the coaching collective and how it can help you.

What I've learned over the last decade of coaching is that finding the right fit between a coach and client is crucial to achieving the optimal outcome. I may not always be the best fit for a client or have the capacity to take them on, so I wanted to ensure I had a bench of highly vetted and experienced coaches to refer others to. That's were my Coaching Collective comes in. Helping you cut through the crowded market and find a coach that meets you unique needs. 


As a busy professional and executive leader, you want a trusted sounding board and you need them fast.

Between a hectic day at work and an even busier life at home, finding the time to identify the coach you want (and need) to start operating at the next level is a struggle. You want a top-notch recommendation for a powerhouse coach that has solid results behind them, but your network is falling short on the right solution.

That's where our Coaching Collective comes in. 

Our unique approach is designed to meet you where you're at and help you find a coach that aligns with your specific needs, personal goals, and professional journey.

Stop wasting time and energy sifting through the noise and find your coach today. 

"I felt immediately confident and comfortable entrusting first Jennifer, then Itir with my lack of clarity and need for support. Both seemingly understood my need very concisely and quickly (even if I couldn't necessarily articulate it for myself), and Jennifer was spot on identifying Itir as the best fit for supporting me along my career/life purpose journey. I knew after our first consultation that this would be the best investment in myself I'd ever made as an adult. 



Steps to finding your ideal coach.


Review Our Collective of Vetted Coaches

Check out our collective of powerhouse career and executive coaches to identify which one(s) feel like the best fit for you.


Book A Complimentary Connection Call

Book a complimentary connection call with your Coach to review your current challenges and assess a good fit for working together. 


Start Your Coaching Engagement

Get a bonus 50-min roadmap call with founder, Jennifer Fink to discuss your coaching goals and desired outcomes and ensure you're set up for success.

"Katie had a lot of experience working with executives, and I liked her work style: lots of asynchronous pre-work up-front so that we could maximize the benefit of our meeting time. In just a few meetings I had a good working plan and a good framework to make decisions."


How to know which coach is right for you.

In identifying the best coach for you, we've found these areas to be the most critical to get right.

They Feel Like A Strong Connection

Building a relationship can take time and the cost of switching a coach is high. When you meet with a coach it's important to trust your intuition and gut reaction how it feels to be with that coach. Ideally you leave a call with your potential coach feeling inspired, excited, and ready to take action.

They Understand Your Background

Getting a sense that your coach can understand and relate to your journey is important. Whether it's because that coach has walked a similar path to yours and can share lessons learned along the way, or they have deep empathy for what you're going through. It's important to feel seen.

They Have Specialized Skills and Knowledge

It's common to feel like we just can't know what we don't know. One important aspect of working with your coach is feeling confident that they bring a level of expertise, insight, and resources to your work together. The type of information that it would take a long time to learn on your own.

"I’m pretty sure I didn’t think I was as cool as I actually am. Sarah really helped me see what my strengths were, and celebrated those with me. That was a huge part of this process, and super vulnerable."

tali demassi, manager, client partnerships,

Additional benefits of working with a collective coach.

When you partner with a coach in the Fink Development Collective, you become part of our community, too! You'll get exclusive access to our Founder, Jennifer Fink, and our learning library with trainings, tools, and resources. 

50-min Roadmap call with founder, jennifer fink

At the beginning of your coaching program, you'll get exclusive access to schedule a 50-min strategy call to discuss your goals for coaching and ensure you're set up for success. 

a highlighted personal brand story to our audience of 17k+ professionals

You'll receive an exclusive invitation to share a personal brand feature story with our audience of 17K+ followers to boost your brand and attract meaningful career opportunities.

access to our Learning library and community

During your coaching program, you'll gain access to our member network and learning library with courses, resources, and weekly strategic advising office hours, with Founder, Jennifer Fink.

Meet our coaching collective.

Our collective of power-house coaches and advisors provide 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and custom team workshops to help professional, leaders, and founders step-up their game and get more out of their lives and careers.

Click on each coach below to learn more about them and then request your complimentary call.

Career and Executive Coach for Mid-Career Professionals, Leaders, and Founders

Fielding Arnold

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant for Purpose-driven Founders and Entrepreneurial Leaders

Katie Baird

Executive Coach, Leadership and Career Advisor for Senior Leaders and C-suite

Nicole Case

Executive Leadership Coach and Advisor for Senior Corporate Women

Sarah Lennon

Career Change Coach and Consultant for Professionals Balancing the Intersection of Parenting and Work

Itir Keskiner

Executive, Life, and Leadership Coach for Senior Leaders and C-suite Executives

Career Coach and Strategist for Mid-career Professionals and Leaders

"Nicole is a phenomenal career coach! She helped me tremendously when it came to narrowing down my “why” and what direction I wanted my career to go. Not only did her advice and training greatly benefit me, but she also was supportive the entire time I worked with her. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with Nicole."

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What makes our approach unique.

We believe that the most successful coaching outcomes happens with coaches and clients are a great fit. That's why we decided to create a solution to help clients find their ideal coach and coaches find their ideal clients.

What sets us apart from other coaching companies is how we curate our Collective of powerhouse coaches.

Unlike other coaching companies that recruit coaches solely on their coaching certification, a one-and-done coaching interview, and ability to coach to a generic one-size-fits-alls approach, we only partner with coaches who have an established brand, business, expertise, and certifications to solve the concrete specialized challenges of mid-career business professionals and leaders.

The behinds-the-scenes on selecting top-notch coaches.

We know that coaching is an important investment and you want to ensure you get the best return you can. We get it, we would want that too! That's why we use a high-touch vetting process to ensure that each coach is highly experienced and qualified to deliver on the results they are promising.

  1. 1
    Coach Interview Process: Each coach meets with our Founder, Jenni Fink, through an extensive vetting process to clarify their programs, services, pricing, results, and ideal clients so we can ensure we know exactly who they are the best fit to serve and the outcomes they can deliver on.
  2. 2
    Coaching Simulation: Each coach partners with our Founder, Jennifer Fink, to deliver their coaching experience, so we can get first-hand experience on their coaching style and ensure it's in alignment with modern coaching ethics and standards.
  3. 3
    Coach Improvement: We check-in with clients who have partnered with a Collective coach to learn about their experience, get honest feedback, and help each coach improve their programs and services and deliver the highest level client experience.

"Having learned the hard way that the executive suite can be a lonely and trying place, I value the dynamic I have with Katie. Our ongoing coaching work is a way for me to stay focused and clear-headed, maximize my development, and just let down my guard to reflect, strategize, and even complain. She's my secret weapon, and I'm confident enough in my abilities to acknowledge that Katie has helped facilitate much of my success and growth as a business leader in these last nine months.”

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Frequently asked questions.

What if I need help selecting a coach?

If you want assistance in clarifying your current challenges, goals, and desired support, you can discuss in your complimentary connection call with Founder, Jennifer fink.

How does Fink Development play a role in my coaching relationship?

While your coaching relationships will be directly with the coach you hire, we want you to be part of the Fink Development community, too! You'll get exclusive access to our community portal and learning library of resources, tools, and courses. 

Do the coaches use Fink Development's methodologies and resources?

We believe that coaches are at their best when they are coaching to their own methodologies and style, and it's actually a requirement that all of our coaches have their own developed practice and intellectual property. That being said any coach who's part of our collective, has the coaching skills to be able to ask clarifying questions about any supplemental work you've completed to help you gather deeper insights about that work. Many of our clients have worked with coaches, completed assessments, or done supplement work in the past, and they often bring that into the coaching partnership.

Can I work with the Founder, Jennifer Fink, as my coach?

Yes! Jennifer Fink offers 1:1 coaching packages, as well as a Job Search Accelerator Membership.