Clarify Your Next BIG Career Move and Go After It

Don't waste away the second half of your career. Our executive, career and leadership coaching collective can help you make your greatest career and life aspirations a reality.

You're In The Right Place If

you're ready to clarify, commit to, and go after what you truly long for in your career and life.   

You Want Confidence About Where You're Headed

What you really desire is a clear sense of what you want out of your career and life. And, a greater confidence in your ability to articulate your vision to others, in clear and compelling ways. 

You Want The Right Tools and Strategies To Make A Impact

You know you want to make a bigger impact in your work and in the world, but you need new strategies, accountability, and support to put your plan into place and make it happen.

You Want An External Sounding Board On Your Team

You have a life-long commitment to showing up as the best version of yourself, and you know that is much easier with a greater sense of self-awareness and an external perspective.

Our Most Common Client Goals

Improve Your Executive Presence

Whether it's prepping for an interview, perfecting a presentation, developing your networking scripts, or increasing your communication confidence, we define, practice, and REFINE your communication to say the "right" words, at the "right" time, in the "right" ways for you.

02 Gain Career and Life Clarity 

It's inevitable that at some point in your life (likely many points) you will start to examine the deeper questions in life. Who do you want to be in this life. What do you want your life to look like. Where are you getting in your own way from achieving your greatest dreams. Our coaches can help you examine WHAT MATTERS MOST and make sense of it.

03 Navigate A Career Transition or Jobsearch 

Whether you're gearing up to make a career change, a leadership change, or a life change. Getting clear on YOUR VISION for the road ahead and setting up a strategic action PLAN, allows you to navigate their journey with more confidence and grace. 

Develop Your Leadership Skills

If takes effort to show up with AUTHENTICITY and INTENTION. It takes stamina and good strategies to continually evaluate, iterate, and improve on the value that you create for others. And, it takes an external perspective to help you see what you cannot possibly see on your own, to show up as the most IMPACTFUL version of yourself. 

05 Become A Stronger Manager  

Managing people is hard whether it's your first time at the table or you've being doing it for a long time, because dealing with other people is HARD. Building your toolkit to navigate the difficult scenarios you encounter when managing others, takes time and practice.

06 Launch A Side Hustle or Business  

These days, who doesn't want to generate more WEALTH and INDEPENDENCE, while pursuing a passion project? However, the steps to decide on the right endeavor, test the market, ensure you have the right product-market fit, and create a plan to launch the smart way, is hard. Let's talk about your ideas and how to put a plan in place that helps you launch the business you've been daydreaming about.

You won’t be able to create the life you desire until you start owning your career.

You’ve done the hard work of reaching a level of "success" in your career. But, you've been playing by other people's rules instead of your own. When you decide that you're the only person in control of creating your life, you'll start receiving the freedom, fulfillment, and impact you desire.

How to Reach The Next Level In Your Career

Being an ambitious, hard-working, high-achieving professional can take you so far. But on-going support can take you even further.

We'll work together to get clear on who you are and what you care about, where you're trying to go and why you're trying to go there, and dig into tactical, strategic steps to move you towards the career and life you're longing for.

We work with highly-committed, growth-oriented humans, who are eager, willing, and ready to show up and do the work, and want a partner by their side each step of the way.

If you're ready to start getting the most out of your life and career, we're eager to meet you.

Prices Range From $3500 - $7500+

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Combat your inner-critic
  • Increase your momentum
  • Improve your executive presence
  • Find a sense of peace and calm
  • Dream bigger and bolder
  • Tackle your limiting beliefs
  • Increase your productivity

Get Matched To The Perfect Coach For You

As a busy professional, executive, or founder, you want to be strategic about your time.

You want to find the right coach and you want to find them fast. That's where the Coaching Collective comes in.

We only match clients when a coach meets your unique criteria: 

Strong Personality Connection

Building a relationship can take time and the cost of switching a coach is high. Our intimate vetting process helps to ensure we know exactly the right clients we're looking for and we help you refine exactly what you're looking for in a coach, as well. Half of the process is about gathering the right data and the other half is about trusting your intuition.

Understands Your Background

Getting a sense that your coach can understand and relate to your journey on a personal and professional level is important. Having someone in your corner who's walked the path you're trying to walk, allows them to shine a light where you're trying to go and share some wisdom and lessons learned along the way. 

Has Specialized Skills and Knowledge

Finding someone specialized in the challenges you're trying to overcome means they have seen the specific challenges you're facing dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times and bring expertise and insights to your coaching experience that you could never gain on your own.

The Coaching Collective

Our collective of coaches and advisors help life long learners achieve personal and professional development goals that impact their entire lives and careers. The work we do is nothing short of extraordinary.

Coach and Strategic Advisor

Coaching Topics:

Clarity • Transition

Helping aspiring leaders and founders develop strategic action plan to achieve their greatest career and business aspirations.

Executive, Career, and

Leadership Coach

Coaching Topics:


Helping purpose-driven tech leaders navigate periods of uncertainty to discover who they are, where they're trying to go, and gain confidence in their direction forward.

Executive Coach, Career and

Leadership Advisor

Coaching Topics:

Transition • Development

Helping senior-leaders and executives take ownership of their brand, their vision, and their aspirations to navigate transitions with success.

Executive and Leadership Coach

Coaching Topics:


Helping senior women leaders gain visibility and advancement opportunities to get recognized and paid for the value they bring.

Career Coach

Coaching Topics:

Clarity • Transition

Helping mid-career professionals combat their inner critic and gain confidence in their career stories to play bigger in their lives and careers.

Executive, Life, and Leadership Coach

Coaching Topics:


Helping mid-career professionals gain clarity on what they want their life to look like, explore what's missing, and create the fulfilling, whole lives they know they long for but can't seem to find on their own.

Career and Leadership Coach

Coaching Topics:


Helping mid-career leaders and executive MBAs on navigating their job search with focus, intention, and efficient actions to spend more time on what matters most and less time on ineffective strategies. 


See the most frequently asked questions

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with senior business professionals, executives, and founders across a variety of functions, industries, and companies. Our clients are growth-oriented, purpose-driven, and results-focused. They are eager, ambitious, and always striving to show up as the best version of themselves in their lives and careers. You can see some previous titles, industries, and companies of our clients here.

How soon can I get started?

We enroll coaching clients on a rolling basis. If a coach has a spot available, you can generally start within 2-3 weeks. Once a coach's roster is full you can join a waitlist to be contacted as soon as spots open, or you can complete a consult and place a deposit to secure the next available spot. We will let you know which coaches currently have availability and those that are on a waitlist to ensure it matches with your timeline for support.

How long are your coaching engagements?

We offer 3-month to 12-month coaching packages, with (1x) or (2x) per month sessions, and ad-hoc coaching/email support in between. The exact length of the engagement depends on your desired goals and the most realistic time period to achieve them. Once clients have completed their initial coaching engagement they have a guaranteed period to renew, or can setup a retainer model for on-going ad-hoc support.

What is your coaching model?

We have a unique model that covers all three stages of a career journey. Many coaches or coaching practices focus on just one area of your career, but our collective is specialized across all three areas. Learn more about our model here

How much does coaching cost?

Our coaching packages range $3500 - $6000+ depending on the coach you're working with and the length of your engagement. Our prices are based on the value we create for clients, as well as the level of experience/expertise of our coaches. All of our coaches have 10+ years of corporate, leadership, or coaching experience, and are heavily vetted, certified, and credentialed. 

How do you decide which coach is right for me?

Each coach is highly vetted over the course of several months before being invited to join our collective, to ensure we're clear on who they can best serve and we have trust in the outcomes they can help clients achieve. During our connection call, we'll explore not only your career goals and challenges, but also your preferences and needs in your coach. We'll discuss your recommendation together and ensure that your recommendation feels like the right fit. While, we're bringing our expert opinion to the table, you're the most important part in determining whether it's the right one, so come prepared to discuss your situation, goals, and preferences.

Do You accept corporate L&D funding?

Yes! Many of our clients already have a learning budget they can use for coaching. If you decide you'd like to work with us, but you're trying to negotiated the funds with your employer, we'll also provide complimentary support to help you have this conversation with your employer.

What will my return on investment be?

This is a question we know our clients are thinking about. It's hard to not thinking about it when you're making a high-stakes decision in your life and career. The short answer is that the return is going to be personal to you, so it's hard to quantify. Some clients will get tangible returns like a salary increase, a promotion, a bonus, increased revenue in their company. While others might get intangible returns like peace, fulfillment, clarity, purpose, confidence, obviously it's hard to put a price tag on that. We encourage clients to think more about what they will gain from the process versus the outcome itself. Coaching is an investment in your career. And, to get the most out of your life and career, ideally you're investing in coaching regularly versus when you're in a moment of crisis. Consider what investment you'd like to make in your development and growth annually and then see which coaching options fit into that budget.

What They Say

"Working with Sarah really transformed my whole approach to my job search. I found myself feeling more empowered and noticed my inner critic quieting down. Our work together really helped me focus on goals and targets and ultimately I ended up with a new job that I am so excited about (not to mention a 15K raise in salary)!"

- Events Manager

“As someone who’s professionally motivated and goal-oriented, my coaching work with Katie filled a gap that countless mentors and sponsors never could: she’s simultaneously my objective third party and cheerleader. Thanks to our ongoing work, I’ve made important decisions (ones I used to view as too overwhelming) that have shaped my career in a direction that truly inspires me and aligns to my vision.”

- Founder and CEO

"Lisa was an excellent resource in helping me make my decision and accepting an offer with the exact title, responsibilities, and career potential I was looking for. I've been in my new role for a couple of months now and am very happy with my decision and where my career is headed. Thank you, Lisa & Fink Development." 

- People And Culture Business Partner

"Itir and I started working together so I could get more clarity on where my career is headed both functionally and from a market perspective. The work we did had me explore what holds me back and the times I've been at my professional best and in doing so I was able to put so many of the disjointed pieces together. Itir has seen and done a lot in her career and is a wonderful guide to wander with into difficult places and it's a terrific experience."

- Site Leader

"Jenni did more for me in one hour than 10 years of therapy. Her ability to quickly provide a framework for thinking about your career is astounding. Within that area, not only had I clarified what mattered most to me in a new job, but I was able to take real tools into each interview thereafter. I found myself using her suggestions in my next interview, and landed a job shortly thereafter. In considering the offer, I again framed my thinking around Jenni's recommendations for how to think about my career, and for the first time ever, felt confident and settled in my decision. The job search can be overwhelming and daunting. Jenni offers a spectrum of services that hit each new hurtle of the process, ensuring any person can benefit from her coaching. I could not recommend more."

- Events & Marketing Manager

"Nicole is a phenomenal career coach! She helped me tremendously when it came to narrowing down my “why” and what direction I wanted my career to go. Not only did her advice and training greatly benefit me, but she also was supportive the entire time I worked with her. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with Nicole."

- Program Manager


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