Finding The Perfect Coach Is Hard

In the past decade, coaching has exploded with thousands of coaches saturating the market. Finding the right one can be hard. Finding the perfect one, nearly impossible. I can help.

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The Coaching Collective

I know that finding the right fit between you and your coach is crucial to a successful outcome! That's why I developed a curated collective of my favorite coaches in the industry. Complete the form above to receive a personalized recommendation to the best coach I know to solve your unique problem and if it sounds like a fit, I'll make an exclusive introduction to fast track you to the top of each coach's priority list.

See the top collective coaches below.

Katie Baird

Executive Coach, Career and Leadership Advisor

Coaching Topics:

Transition • Development

Nicole Case

Leadership and Executive Coach

Coaching Topics:


Itir Keskiner

Executive, Life, and Leadership Coach

Coaching Topics: 


Sarah Lennon

Career Coach

Coaching Topics:

Clarity • Transition

Lisa Thomson

Career Coach

Coaching Topics:


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What They Say

"Working with Sarah really transformed my whole approach to my job search. I found myself feeling more empowered and noticed my inner critic quieting down. Our work together really helped me focus on goals and targets and ultimately I ended up with a new job that I am so excited about (not to mention a 15K raise in salary)!"

Events Manager
Coach: Sarah Lennon

“As someone who’s professionally motivated and goal-oriented, my coaching work with Katie filled a gap that countless mentors and sponsors never could: she’s simultaneously my objective third party and cheerleader. Thanks to our ongoing work, I’ve made important decisions (ones I used to view as too overwhelming) that have shaped my career in a direction that truly inspires me and aligns to my vision.”

Founder and CEO
Coach: Katie Baird

"Lisa was an excellent resource in helping me make my decision and accepting an offer with the exact title, responsibilities, and career potential I was looking for. I've been in my new role for a couple of months now and am very happy with my decision and where my career is headed. Thank you, Lisa & Fink Development." 

People And Culture Business Partner
Coach: Lisa Thomson

"Itir and I started working together so I could get more clarity on where my career is headed both functionally and from a market perspective. The work we did had me explore what holds me back and the times I've been at my professional best and in doing so I was able to put so many of the disjointed pieces together. Itir has seen and done a lot in her career and is a wonderful guide to wander with into difficult places and it's a terrific experience."

Site Leader
Coach: Itir Keskiner

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