Right now, you probably feel burnt out, frustrated, and invisible in the workplace. 

You’re aware that tons of problems exist, but you feel you have no ability to influence the way things get done. 

Maybe you’ve even been passed over for promotion multiple times, but you don’t know why or how to fix the problem. 

And don’t even get me started on your work/life balance! Truth be told, it’s a mess. You find yourself stressed and anxious all the time; wanting to reach the next level, but unsure of how to get there from where you are now.

Maybe you’re even starting to wonder whether you should move to another position, but are afraid the same struggles are going to follow you wherever you go next.

I, and all of the coaches at Fink Development, have been where you are. Wanting to have more control, autonomy, power and influence and wondering how to get there.

What does this mean for building your ideal career?

We’ve learned that success is actually most dependent on each person’s ability to take control of their own career development, their interest in seeking out the resources to continually improve, and their willingness to continue to grow and have greater impact. 

It’s important, at this stage, that you develop the skills that will allow YOU to take control of your own career, instead of letting someone else own it for you.

Here are three tips that you can use to start owning your career.

- Get clear on your brand and visibility in your company. Do you know what you're known for? And, more importantly, do others know, as well?! You want to be the first person that someone thinks of for the next new great opportunity or position that comes available. The only way that happens is if you have a clear and strong reputation in the workplace of where and how you add value to others.

- Conduct an analysis of your skills gaps. What are you really struggling with right now? Is it your work/life balance, delegating to others, managing up, or communicating in team meetings, for example? Once you have identified your missing skills, you can start to explore the ways you could close in on these gaps. Perhaps you could read some books, or take some self-paced courses, perhaps there is coaching offered at your company or they will pay for a coach as part of your professional development (hint, many companies will if you just ask), or maybe you could invest in a coach, course, or program on your own. Whatever method you choose, it’s time to start closing the gap to have a greater impact in your work.

- Review your network and come up with a strategic plan for the next 6-12 months. Who’s in your network? Who could you be spending more time with? Who in your network could benefit from your advice, wisdom, or time? Who in your network could be an advisor of mentor to you? Sketch out who you’re going to connect with over the next 6-12 months, and why. Your network is one of the most powerful tools in your career, and you should always be fostering it!

What are your next steps?

Download our free guide on How to Gain the Development Skills for an Ideal and Thriving Career

In this 5-step guide you will learn:

  • How to build a clear professional brand that builds your reputation and value in an organization
  • What type of network can help you navigate your current organization, gain visibility to get new career opportunities coming your way, and ensure you're adding as much value as you receive.
  • Strategies for tackling your mindset and making clear progress forward, even when you feel totally stuck in place.
  • How to create an actionable development plan that allows you to track your progress, pivot when roadblocks get in your way, and share your wins with the people who need to hear about them.

Once you've downloaded your guide, you should be able to start taking some action steps on your own! If you'd like to chat with us further about our coaching method, and how we can support you in growing your career, reach out.  

**Please note that if your assessment had a tie between two results, we provided the more foundational stage. If you'd like to discuss your results with our team, reach out.

Who are we?

Fink Development was Founded in 2013, by me Jennifer Fink, because I witnessed firsthand how confusing the career journey was, and how many people wanted clear advice, strategies, and support to navigate their career successfully. 

A decade later, Fink Development has grown to a network of coaches who have all experienced a similar journey of testing out different careers, climbing the corporate ladder, and then getting serious about what we truly wanted for our careers.

We may have all had a slightly different path, but we’ve all taken control of our careers to figure out who we really are, what our zone of genius is, what we want our lives to look like, and how to build a fulfilling, engaging, and impactful career. 

Every day, we help mid-career professional identify the next step towards building and sustaining a thriving career.

We hope that you'll join our community and take the next action step towards your ideal career.