I help entrepreneurial leaders find solid ground while navigating uncertainty.

Fielding is a former maritime captain and backcountry guide turned executive coach by way of the startup world. She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurial leaders and founders reconnect to their internal compass so they can feel grounded as their navigate moments of change or uncertainty in their life and work.


Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

"The guiding principle of my work is that when you hone your internal compass you can brave your way through any rocky terrain."

 "I sought out Fielding’s guidance a little over a year into running my own business, after I’d accepted a full-time job with one of my clients. I was proud of the business I had built but felt overwhelmed balancing solopreneurship, full-time work, and home life......The daily anxiety I felt when I started working with Fielding has evaporated and I feel an added layer of confidence in my decision-making, whether or not my decisions please others (my Achilles heel prior to coaching!) It’s impossible to say where I would be now without Fielding, but I believe that I now possess a calm confidence and contentedness that wasn't fully present in me before."


Recruiting Industry

About Fielding

Fielding has decades of experience guiding others into wild places: the mountains, oceans, and through deep self-reflection. These experiences have shown me that we are all capable of more than we’ve been limited to believe.

She love supporting ambitious, purpose-driven founders and entrepreneurial leaders as they navigate change in uncertain times and helps reconnect to their internal compass, write their own maps, and experience growth they never thought possible as they chart, blaze and brave their way forward.

She has over 20 years experience in professional leadership and people development supporting leaders in the business world, holds an MBA and is an ICF certified coach, trained through New Ventures West. Fielding has also taught and facilitated for Executive Education and entrepreneurship programs at top ten universities and has coached, led, taught, captained, trained, facilitated or supported hundreds of clients and students over my career across various universities, nonprofits, fast growth startups, and companies on the Fortune 500. 

Fielding helps leaders learn how to look within themselves as they make decisions, grow their businesses and teams, and navigate change and uncertainty. Combined with learning how to harness all three centers of intelligence - head, heart and gut - leaders develop greater self trust and confidence in themselves. This has the power to transform their leadership, their work, and creating ripple effects across their lives.

Her Client's Work At 

"In working with Fielding for several coaching sessions she was able to help me break down one of my longest standing limiting beliefs around financial scarcity and allow me to find the insight I needed to make a breakthrough that has changed my life and career trajectory for the better. If you're looking for a coach who can be steadfast in your own personal moments of chaos and who's not afraid of reflecting back to you what the see, Fielding might be the coach for you."

jennifer fink, founder, fink development

Fielding's Services

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One-on-one Coaching

Individualized 4-6 month coaching packages designed to meet the unique needs of each client's journey. 

Group Coaching and Facilitation

Customized group coaching and facilitation on a variety of topics related to career and leadership development.

Custom Outdoor Experiences

Custom leadership development experiences - both onsite and in wild spaces.

Additional Praise and Testimonials

"Fielding has led the Leadership Triangle Peer Coaches training for many years. In the last couple of years, Fielding adapted to meet the moment. She created online learning videos for our coaches, sensing their need for asynchronous learning. She built space for people to learn fundamental coaching skills and practice them alongside their own peers. In my work with Fielding, she's been attentive, curious, receptive, and she's never delivered anything late. She's unmatched in her ability to ask questions that open up possibility. She's deeply skilled in facilitation, pacing, and making every person she works with feel seen and heard. I recommend her as a Coach, a trainer for other Coaches, and a partner to any business." 


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