I empower people to live a life that inspires. 

My executive clients go from "powering through" their days, and "hanging in there" to making purposeful choices for their careers, relationships, and health that energize their lives.

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"Together, we design your inspired life, address what's getting in your way of living it, and take you from surviving to thriving."

"I felt immediately confident and comfortable entrusting first Jennifer, then Itir with my lack of clarity and need for support. Both seemingly understood my need very concisely and quickly (even if I couldn't necessarily articulate it for myself), and Jennifer was spot on identifying Itir as the best fit for supporting me along my career/life purpose journey. I knew after our first consultation that this would be the best investment in myself I'd ever made as an adult. Itir's authenticity, warmth, and affirmation of my goals and progress combined with her expertise moved me to the strongest version of myself I've been....and I started off pretty strong! Entirely grateful to have found someone so committed and excellent at her craft."



About Itir

After many years of following a path of "success" toward big companies and big accolades Itir had a realization that she was living a life that had taken on a life of it's own, and took all her energy to keep up with. She knew she needed to turn into her inner voice, she ended up hiring a life coach to help her find her life's purpose, and ended up falling in love with coaching!

She decided to become a coach herself to help others truly understand what they want, step into their whole selves, and take step-by-step actions to live a life with freedom and fulfillment, on their terms.

Itir is a certified coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and has an MBA from Duke, Fuqua School of Business. Prior to her coaching career, Itir is a multiple time career switcher, with 15 years of leadership expertise in consulting and marketing at Accenture, Unilever, Samsung, and Burt's Bees.

Itir is an executive, leadership, and life coach in Durham, NC, but coaches individuals and organizations across the country and globe.

Some of the Companies Her Clients Work At 

"Itir has such an incredibly calming presence and I think that's important for the type of coaching she offers. What I love about Itir's coaching style is that she's willing, eager, and ready to go deep with clients, like really deep! She's often commented, "the messier it is, the more I like it". She's not scared of holding space for the hard stuff, because she's no stranger to wading through it herself. If you're looking for a coach who can wade into the deep-end of the water with you, I'd absolutely recommend seeing if Itir is the right fit."

jennifer fink, founder, fink development

Itir's Services

Learn about Itir's services and book a call to explore what it would be like to work together.

One-on-one Coaching

During our one-hour sessions, get focused attention on any area of your life where you want to increase your level of satisfaction. Get clarity on what’s getting in your way, and leave feeling supported with new tools and an action plan.

Group Coaching

Feeling like your organization or team could use a fresh perspective? I create custom coaching packages for organizations. Services include one-on-one or group sessions, theme-based workshops, and motivational speaking engagements.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment 

Named by Forbes as one of 11 assessments every Executive should take. By working with a coach using the ELI, you can discover how to live and lead powerfully, authentically, and without all the stress.

Additional Praise and Testimonials

"Itir and I started working together so I could get more clarity on where my career is headed both functionally and from a market perspective. The work we did had me explore what holds me back and the times I've been at my professional best and in doing so I was able to put so many of the disjointed pieces together. Itir has seen and done a lot in her career and is a wonderful guide to wander with into difficult places and it's a terrific experience."

program leader, energy industry

" I highly recommend working with Itir. Her style is warm, professional, nonjudgmental, and authentic. She asks probing questions which help you get to the heart of your own issues. You hear your own voice come through, which is empowering and clarifying. Itir helped me reframe some core beliefs and narratives which have helped me move with more confidence through various places in my life."

Founder and CEO

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