I Help Senior Leaders Navigate The Complexities of Moving Into and Being At The Top

Katie is a former strategy operations consultant turned executive coach who specializes in helping executives and newly-appointed senior leaders thrive while making a professional transition and maximize the career opportunities they are stepping into.

Katie Baird

Executive Coach/Career Advisor

"I aim to deliver an impactful, bespoke experience with an equal dose of candor, support & good humor."

"Katie is a remarkably engaged, helpful, and thoughtful coach. I know I can count on her for her insight, and I trust her guidance and expertise. I appreciate the impact of our work because it's accelerated my thinking, and brought my goals within reach. Our work together is always purposeful and focused on my desired outcomes as the client."

senior manager

Consulting Industry

About Katie

Katie transitioned from climbing the traditional corporate ladder to nurture a career built upon passion for human connection, problem solving, and accelerating personal and professional development. 

Katie has 8+ years of strategy operations consulting experience at Deloitte, a Master of Public Policy from American University, and is a Rice University training, ICF-certified coach.

She has coached executives and emergent leaders (across mature Fortune 100 companies, Unicorn start ups, and small scale entrepreneurial endeavors) in industries ranging from financial services, to healthcare, consulting, energy, media and technology.

Her standard for each engagement is to bring profound long-term impact to her clients by blending the best of coaching and strategic advising.

Her Client's Work At 

"One of the things that most impresses me about Katie is her ability to cut through the noise and ask a pointed question that steers the conversation towards action and impact. She's not afraid to boldly step in, but also does so in an elegant and understated way. If I needed a strategic, smart, curious thought partner in my back pocket, there's no doubt I'd have Katie on my bench. And I do!"

jennifer fink, founder, fink development

Katie's Services

Learn about Katie's services and book a call to explore what it would be like to work together.

One-on-one Coaching

Co-created, structured sessions to help senior leaders intentionally navigate their career inflection points or enhance their leadership skills - either as a specified engagement or retainer model.

Feedback Assessments

An action-oriented, future-focused coaching session in concert with a 360 assessment meant to deepen the learnings and perspective needed to succeed in a senior-level role. 

Bespoke Team Services

Customized scope of work and speaking engagements collaboratively designed to align with a business strategy or bolster the development of a leadership team.

Additional Praise and Testimonials

"My sessions with Katie were motivating and so valuable to my career development. As a coach she is always open, honest, positive and encouraging! The greatest impact has been helping to focus my career vision and the skills and experiences I want to focus on next. Because of our collaborative approach, I have a roadmap to do just that. My development will always be a work in progress, and to that end I feel my coaching work with Katie is not finished. I look forward to pushing on with her!" 

Vice president, media industry

"Having learned the hard way that the executive suite can be a lonely and trying place, I value the dynamic I have with Katie. Our ongoing coaching work is a way for me to stay focused and clear-headed, maximize my development, and just let down my guard to reflect, strategize, and even complain. She's my secret weapon, and I'm confident enough in my abilities to acknowledge that Katie has helped facilitate much of my success and growth as a business leader in these last nine months.”

COO, Energy Company

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