I help senior corporate women land their next promotion.

Nicole is a former corporate HR-leader turned executive career and leadership coach specializing in helping women corporate leaders learn the hidden secrets that are happening behind closed doors to get them promoted and paid for the value they bring to the leadership table. 

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Executive and Leadership Coach

"Most people think the secret to moving up in your career is to put your head down and work hard. This could not be further from the truth."

"Nicole is a phenomenal career coach! She helped me tremendously when it came to narrowing down my “why” and what direction I wanted my career to go. Not only did her advice and training greatly benefit me, but she also was supportive the entire time I worked with her. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with Nicole."

program manager

Technology Industry

About Nicole

Nicole is on a mission to close the gender power gap by helping more women step into and succeed in positions of influence and leadership, because more women in decision-making roles is good for business and our communities.

She has 11+ years of corporate HR leadership experience, a Master of Science in Human Resources, is a ICF-certified Authentic Leadership Coach, and a professional keynote speaker, and podcast host of The Upgraded Career.

Nicole is based in Raleigh/Durham, NC, but coaches individuals and speaks at  organizations across the country.

Her Client's Work At 

"What I love about Nicole is that she truly cares about people being recognized for how wonderful they are. From her decade of experience in the corporate HR world, she knows exactly who gets seen and heard, and why. I love how she can equip professionals with her expert insights and strategies, and give them a boost of confidence to know they are not wrong for feeling unnoticed and undervalued. But, also inspire them to go out and get more out of their career."

jennifer fink, founder, fink development

Nicole's Services

Learn about Nicole's services and book a call to explore what it would be like to work together.

One-on-one Coaching

For mid-career corporate women who want to land a promotion this year, or those who have just been promoted and want extra support to step-into and thrive in their new role. 

Group Coaching

A small cohort for corporate women leaders aiming to land a promotion this year. Enrollment coming Fall 2024!


Offers keynote talks for conferences and small organizations on how to be seen and valued as an authentic leader, and more.

Additional Praise 

"From the first meeting, I felt very comfortable with Nicole. I felt like I could open up about myself, my goals and what drives me without fear of judgment. Nicole is very professional and knowledgeable - her experience and passion for what she does really shows through in her coaching."

Business analyst, retail

"I was recently promoted into a first-time leadership position and feeling a bit of imposter syndrome and also feeling overwhelmed. I was afraid to admit that I was afraid and did not understand that imposter syndrome was a real thing. It was completely validating to speak with Nicole to understand that it is real and to also know that there were strategies that I could implement to overcome this. Everyone needs a set of ears to bounce ideas off of and you need a confidant to talk to that is not a coworker. Nicole's coaching sessions are a safe place to grow and learn!"

head of talent acquisition, small healthcare company

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