7 reasons to invest in personal branding for your career. Tips from a Personal Brand Consultant

As an experienced professional, you’re likely well aware of the significance of personal branding. However, the mere mention of the phrase might still evoke a twinge of discomfort.

While you believe it’s important for your career, you may not understand just how important it is for career growth, creating impact in the world, attracting your more ideal job prospects, and more.

Let’s dig into why building your personal brand is one of the best investments you can make.

7 reasons to invest in your personal brand

1) Future-proofing your career

If the last handful of years have shown us anything it’s that the sense of security we once felt with a traditional career path is no more. The chaos and the wild swings of the job market from 2020 to 2024 have felt like whiplash leaving people fearful of making a move, anxious about the stability of their jobs, and overwhelmed by the ever-changing and competitive hiring market.

Even worse, companies have become more fearful of hiring the wrong candidate and have created elaborate hiring processes that favor internal candidates and referrals, making applying online a battlefield of competition. Learning how to amplify your brand cuts through this noise and helps you get seen, It means that when you are in a position to look for a new opportunity it’s more likely that:

  • People know exactly what you’re trying to achieve,
  • Are happy to introduce you to their network,
  • Think of you first when opportunities arise, and
  • Seek you out for opportunities where they know you can add value (this includes paid opportunities that could create a new or additional revenue stream for you). 

2) Attracting aligned opportunities

Let's be honest, if we told you that we had a proven solution for landing jobs without job searching, you’d say, “Sign me up!”.

That’s exactly what amplifying your brand does. It allows you to showcase what you’re aiming for in your career and why you’re the right person for that path, so opportunities feel like they magically create themselves for you.

But, it’s not magic at all. People are attracted to individuals who are clear on who they are, what they want, and the value they bring to the table, so if you consistently communicate and take actions aligned with where you’re trying to go, people are more drawn to you and are more likely to help you and want to hire you.

3) Building a digital footprint

In this digital job market, people are inevitably doing their due diligence about you online. If you were navigating your youth in the early 2000s when the internet was exploding and social media was nascent you likely put all kinds of information on the internet that you wouldn’t dream of putting on there today.

Every piece of information you put out on the internet is part of your digital footprint so it’s important that you take control of your personal brand and ensure that when people do search for you every piece of information they find reinforces the positioning of who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. 

4) Increasing your confidence

Many people feel vulnerable putting themselves out there, especially when it comes to developing their personal brand. It can feel like you’re selling or boasting about yourself, which can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

But, when you show up and share the deeply true things about yourself, it’s not selling, it’s just the facts. Defining your brand in this way and truly stepping into it allows your confidence to soar and your authenticity to inspire others.

5) Building genuine connections

When it comes to building your brand, at some point, it’s a good idea to get out into the world and connect with others. However, whether internally networking in their organization with peers, getting to know upper leadership, or connecting with total strangers, most people start to have some reservations and anxiety about doing this.

What gets people hot and bothered is feeling disingenuous, like they are only “networking” because they were told to or need to. But when you’re approaching networking with a strong personal brand in place and leaning into your genuine curiosity it makes building relationships much easier and more fun.

Instead of feeling like you need to pour hours into researching and prepping for a conversation, you get to lean into your authentic story and ask questions based on your true values and interests. 

6) Advancing your career

The truth is it’s not the people who put their heads down and work hard who get career advancement opportunities. It’s the people who are visible within the organization and crystal-clear about the value they create.

This often comes as a surprise to many, particularly to accomplished professionals who have progressed in their careers by diligently showing up and putting in the work. But, once you hit mid-career, and you’re aiming for senior-level roles or promotions, it becomes more competitive with fewer opportunities available and more eyes on the company's decisions.

Mastering the art of boosting your visibility within your organization not only ensures that you'll have advocates when the time comes to push for advancement but also earns you recognition within the company. This makes advocating for yourself a breeze, eliminating any internal debate about your readiness for the next step in your career.

7) Generating opportunities for impact

Once people progress in their lives and careers they start to think about their impact and legacy more strongly. It’s common to clarify your values the older you get, understand the importance of giving back, and feel more strongly about the causes that you care about. For example, Many of our clients are turning their attention to climate change, health care, and social impact, among other impact causes, and want to create a lasting impact for their kids.

When you have a clear personal brand, you can attract opportunities that allow you to share your wisdom with others. Whether it's securing speaking engagements, exploring investment avenues, obtaining a board seat, or being invited to take part in career development initiatives, the opportunities for impact are abundant when people know what you care about and how you can help.

Hopefully, it’s become evident that your personal brand is one of the best investments for your future. 

So, whether you're navigating the complexities of the job market, seeking to advance your career, or yearning to make a lasting difference in the world, remember this: Your personal brand is not just a reflection of who you are, but a compass guiding you towards a future brimming with possibilities.

Embrace it, nurture it, and watch as it propels you toward fulfillment in both your professional and personal endeavors.

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