Attract Career Opportunities Tailored Uniquely For You

Learn how to confidently and authentically articulate your personal brand to stand out in the marketplace without feeling salesly.

You Know Those People Who Just Seem To Have An Air Of Confidence About Them?

Here's a little secret about how those people got there. And no, they don't have some natural talent, innate clarity, or confidence superpower. What they do have though is a level of clarity, acceptance, and refinement around who they are and how they want to communicate their story to others. They did the reflection, they almost definitely got professional help, and then they tweaked their message until the words they shared about their brand felt clear, honest, and authentic. That's it. 

Yeah, that can be you.

It's simple, but that doesn't necessarily make it easy. If it were easy, everyone would have a standout brand that they feel proud of. 

Our Articulate and Amplify Personal Brand Advising is the solution to help you get there. 

"I worked with Jenni at Fink Development to create my brand on LinkedIn and my website. Prior to this, I had tried to do my own brand work and it was a hot mess. It was transformational to be guided through the process by an expert.

The most helpful part was having another person to be your mirror, reflecting your brand back to you in a way that you could have never articulated on your own. I loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone at any career stage - you're never too inexperienced or experienced to need a clear brand!"

alison fragale, phd organizational behavior professor at unc-kenan-flagler

It's doesn't have to feel "gross" to talk about your value.

Download your Personal Brand Workbook and learn how to find the exact words to communicate your story, your vision, and your impact with a sense of ease.

Why Personal Branding Is So Hard

You're a well seasoned business professional or leader, so you've probably heard about the concept of personal branding at this point in your life. But most likely when you hear that phrase you have an immediate reaction similar to, "bleghhh". 

You might immediately conjure up ideas of having to sell yourself, having to be a great story teller, or having to stand in from of a group of people and boast about your accomplishments and results. We've got great news for you this couldn't be further from the case of personal branding.

Personal branding is simply about getting in touch with who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

It's not about selling yourself, it's about sharing facts that you know to be authentic and true for you. It's about creating a unique and lasting impression on others, so when you're not in the room it's clear what they would say about you.

When it comes to being able to confidently communicate your personal brand, these are the areas that are the most challenging. If you struggle with the following, you're in the right place:

Knowing What To Say And How To Say It

This is where most people get completely tripped up and avoid the topic of personal branding all together. Being able to ask themselves the right questions for self-reflection and gather an external perspective on how to communicate that information for impact is difficult for everyone, but it's critical to developing a strong brand.

Knowing How To Get Seen and Stand Out

People often confuse personal branding with expressing their fit, and overemphasis skills, results, and accomplishments, while leaving out the elements of their personal brand entirely. When this happens they get lost in the sea of others, because people don't connect and resonate with skills, they resonate with stories.

Knowing How To Generate Career Opportunities

It's common for people to believe that if they put their head down and do good work, their results will speak for themselves, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The people who are the most visible and clear in their unique contributions and impact are the one who manifest opportunities straight to them.

"Working with Jennifer allowed me to explore my own unique skills and qualifications.

I became much more clear on how to express those in written content, especially on LinkedIn. The multiple sessions and revisions were extremely helpful in gaining insights and becoming confident in my brand!"

michael morton, owner, morton financial advice

This Is What Happens When You Build An Authentic Personal Brand

Improve Your Self-Awareness

Gain clarity about who you are, what you care about, and how you want to impact the world so you can show up in more alignment with what you truly care about. 

Increase Your Confidence

Learn how to find the right words to communicate your brand and story with a level of confidence and authenticity that's infectious to others.

Gain Visibility and Career Opportunities

Start standing out inside and outside of your workplace to get the aligned career opportunities you desire.

Unlock Personal Growth Opportunities

Learn how to show up as a thought leader and generate new growth and advancement opportunities.

Our Personal Brand Methodology

Step 1: Discover Your Authenticity

Build your authenticity guide by exploring and clarifying your unique strengths, values, and interests and prioritize the most important elements for you right now.

Step 2: Define Your Vision

Define your personal and professional vision statements and where you see yourself in the next 3-5 years to set a clear roadmap for your journey ahead. 

Step 3: Build Your Personal Brand Portfolio

Build your personal brand portfolio, including your personal brand color palette, personal brand grid, unique contribution statement, and personal brand story.

Step 4: Brand and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Incorporate your personal brand into your LinkedIn profile and learn how to amplify your brand to start attracting the opportunities you desire. 

"Jenni was instrumental in redefining my personal brand. For a long time, I had a very negative attitude towards LinkedIn and the idea of putting things about myself out there. After talking through the concept of a personal brand, and how to articulate it in a way that was concise and relatable, I started to see things different.

Having someone like Jenni who views your work from a whole new perspective is huge understanding and articulating things you wouldn't otherwise be able to do. I can honestly say that I feel more confident in the power of my personal brand."

Kevin F, Demand Planner, apex tool group

Articulate Your Personal Brand Services

Lean-into what makes you uniquely you, draw out your most compelling personal brand stories, and start sharing them confidently with the world, without feeling like your selling, bragging, or being disingenuous about your natural talent.

articulate your brand workbook

A 10-page virtual workbook that includes: guides, templates, and frameworks to complete your own personalized Personal Brand Portfolio. 


articulate your brand advising

Three 50-min personal brand advising and strategy sessions to explore and discover your brand, a StrengthsFinder Assessment, personalized feedback and copyediting on your Personal Brand Portfolio, and copyediting on your branded and optimized LinkedIn profile. 


Articulate and amplify your brand advising

Six 50-min personal brand advising and strategy sessions, a StrengthsFinder Assessment, personalized feedback and copyediting on your Personal Brand Portfolio, copyediting on your branded and optimized LinkedIn profile, and a personalized Amplify Your Brand strategy. Plus, unlimited email support for 16-weeks on implementing your brand amplification strategy.


What's Included In Your Personal Brand Workbook

When you purchase your Personal Brand Workbook, you'll receive a variety of templates, guides, and frameworks to build your Personal Brand Portfolio and develop all the elements you need to put yourself out in the world, and generate the opportunities you're longing for.

You'll receive a 10-page workbook including:

  • Strengths, Values, and Interests Worksheets
  • Personal Brand Vision Statement Template
  • Personal Brand Story Framework and Example
  • Personal Brand Elements Framework
  • Personal Brand LinkedIn Profile Guide and Worksheets
  • Canva Templates for LinkedIn Banner and Personal Brand Color Palette

Upgrade To A Personal Brand Advising Package

If you're ready to work 1:1 with an advisor to clarify who you are, what you care about, the impact that you can bring to others, and how you uniquely and authentically want to show up in the world, we can help. 

We work primarily with individuals who have a wealth of experience, insights, and expertise behind them, that they want to turn into a compelling personal brand. 

  • Mid-career Business Professionals and Leaders
  • Mid-career Business Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Thought Leaders


What They Say

"Going through articulating my brand with Jenni felt like putting a very important puzzle together where the pieces were all there but without Jenni they would have never been put in order. I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that I was able to take what I already knew about myself and articulate it a way that I can lean on in professional and personal settings."

Megan B. - Director, Social Impact and Global Health Industry

"Articulating my brand helped me to get to know myself and achieve the clarity I was looking for. Amplifying my brand is an ongoing experiment which entails many valuable learnings."

Florian R. - Chief of Staff, Cybersecurity Industry