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Client Success Stories

Client Testimonials and Kind Words

Dean of Student Life

Industry: Education

"Jenni was my coach for six sessions over a span of eight months. During that time, I grew as a professional and as a human being. What a gift it is to have a dedicated coach, a person to listen, to summarize and to repeat back your reflections. Jenni has a natural gift to actively listen, asking questions that helped me see my innate abilities and unique power. I tell my own students, the greatest gift they can give themselves is the ability to see themselves clearly. As a lifelong learner, I sought out a coach because it's important that I model what I teach; my sessions with Jenni affirmed one of my favorite learnings, that "relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself - to be is to be related" (Bruce Lee). I recommend Jenni's coaching to everyone committed to growth, to learning, and to reaching new professional and personal heights!"

Events & Marketing Manager

Industry: Sales

"Jenni did more for me in one hour than 10 years of therapy. Her ability to quickly provide a framework for thinking about your career is astounding. Within that area, not only had I clarified what mattered most to me in a new job, but I was able to take real tools into each interview thereafter. I found myself using her suggestions in my next interview, and landed a job shortly thereafter. In considering the offer, I again framed my thinking around Jenni's recommendations for how to think about my career, and for the first time ever, felt confident and settled in my decision. The job search can be overwhelming and daunting. Jenni offers a spectrum of services that hit each new hurtle of the process, ensuring any person can benefit from her coaching. I could not recommend more."

Communications Manager

Industry: Entrepreneurship

"Job hunting can be painful, and unexciting. Working with Sarah has made the process more enjoyable and has also given me an opportunity to reflect more on my goals. I loved our brainstorming sessions and found it very easy to open up to her! One of the biggest benefits of the sessions was that I was able to articulate my journey in a more coherent and interesting manner."

Senior Manager

Industry: Consulting

"Katie is a remarkably engaged, helpful, and thoughtful coach. I know I can count on her for her insight, and I trust her guidance and expertise. I appreciate the impact of our work because it's accelerated my thinking, and brought my goals within reach. Our work together is always purposeful and focused on my desired outcomes as the client."


Industry: Media

"Jenni was fantastic to work with. I’ve worked with several career coaches and many have an intellectual understanding of the right strategic steps to take at a given moment in the job search. Jenni has this too, but she went beyond intellectual strategy. What she has that no one else had was a deep understanding of human beings. She gets the importance of connecting with people as people, and I learned from her that this is often the most valuable skill in the job search. She also helped me pause and take stock of how I was feeling in a given moment, whether I was being authentic and genuine, and how that was impacting the actions I was taking. This emphasis was a key part of my ability to find the job that was right for me, and it wasn’t the one I had originally expected. To put it simply, she really cares about her clients — it’s not just a job for her. Because of that, she goes the extra mile and it makes a huge difference. She was also willing to be available at a moment’s notice when I needed advice and that was super helpful. Thank you Jenni!"

Business Analyst

Industry: Retail

"From the first meeting, I felt very comfortable with Nicole. I felt like I could open up about myself, my goals and what drives me without fear of judgment. Nicole is very professional and knowledgeable - her experience and passion for what she does really shows through in her coaching."

Senior Project Manager

Industry: Real Estate

"Jennifer is a fantastic coach. I worked with her while making a career transition, and I can not overstate the value she added. Jennifer took a holistic approach and helped me understand my true, authentic self. This led to a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and with her help I've landed in what I consider to be the perfect job for me (for the first time in my life). I feel extremely fortunate to have Jennifer as a coach, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for help and guidance."

Change Management Leader

Industry: Insurance

"Unsatisfied & frustrated in my current career and position, I felt stuck in a rut and not really sure how to navigate my way out. I decided I needed help and turned to look for a career coach, unsure of what that actually meant. During my introductory call with Sarah she described her holistic approach to coaching and I knew instantly she would be a good fit. Not only do I have more clarity professionally on my next steps but I also feel less stressed in my current role. I couldn't recommend Sarah enough." 

Product Manager

Industry: Technology

"2020 has been a challenging year for many professionals. It was for me. Throughout a 3 month period, I achieved what I had worked and hoped for with the help of Jenni's coaching and resources. Prior to starting the program, I was attempting an industry and career change. Now that I've completed the program, I am proud to share that I have gained professional clarity and was able to adjust my search to a more effective method that helped me land my dream job at my dream company. Thanks, Jenni, I'm happy to recommend you to anyone seeking to grow professionally and gain skills that they could take with them in their career." 


Industry: Consulting

"I felt immediately confident and comfortable entrusting first Jennifer, then Itir with my lack of clarity and need for support. Both seemingly understood my need very concisely and quickly (even if I couldn't necessarily articulate it for myself), and Jennifer was spot on identifying Itir as the best fit for supporting me along my career/life purpose journey. I knew after our first consultation that this would be the best investment in myself I'd ever made as an adult. Itir's authenticity, warmth, and affirmation of my goals and progress combined with her expertise moved me to the strongest version of myself I've been....and I started off pretty strong! Entirely grateful to have found someone so committed and excellent at her craft."

Program Manager

Industry: Technology

"Nicole is a phenomenal career coach! She helped me tremendously when it came to narrowing down my “why” and what direction I wanted my career to go. Not only did her advice and training greatly benefit me, but she also was supportive the entire time I worked with her. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with Nicole."

Creative Strategist

Industry: Mixed 

"Jenni and her team ask the hard questions. I thought I had already done so much work in the area of leadership, development, and career planning. Jenni was the next stop in that work. We focused on my LinkedIn profile in this forced me to go deeper into tangible jobs, rolls, and industries that I could pursue. Working through this with her, and the questions she presented based on the material I offered, helped me clarify where I could go in the short-term and where I might want to move in the long-term. Generally, and specifically, the work was very helpful."


Industry: Technology

"The job search landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and Sarah is the ideal guide to help you navigate this challenging and stressful time. Through our sessions, she has helped me face my inner critic head on, build my confidence and ease my anxieties by providing me with a clear and thoughtful path to follow in building my career story. I look forward to our sessions, I just wish they were longer! : )" 

Senior Project Manager

Industry: Technology

"Once I had my target company in mind, I worked with Lisa consistently for several months on interview preparation. Lisa helped me articulate my stories in a clear and concise way, including linking my experiences to the values of my target company. She also gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could land the job - confidence I did not have when we started meeting. Without her support and help, I wouldn't have landed the job. I am grateful."

Principal UX Designer

Industry: Digital Product and Web Design (Tech)

"Working with Jenni changed the way I see myself, my career, and the entire social and financial economy of my household. Highly recommended! 

Fink Development works at the cutting edge of career transition and growth. This means their approach balances a) leaning into who you are, b) using job search strategies that you likely haven't thought of, c) getting the work-life balance that makes you feel comfortable, and d) making more money. Career coaches at Fink give you a life raft in the dangerous and, ultimately, useless ocean of opinions on career transition. If you're operating in the 2020s and want to know exactly how to make changes in your career that not only benefit the bottom line, but get you toward the life you want for yourself, these folks are the right choice." 

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People and Culture Business Partner

Industry: HR

"After applying, interviewing, and even being a finalist more than once but not getting an offer, I decided I needed some help to finally cinch an offer that I actually wanted. Lisa helped me feel more confident that I could pursue the roles I wanted, not just the roles I thought I could get, AND that my experience would translate and be valuable. With some encouragement, validation, and expertise from Lisa, I started going after the roles I was truly interested in and excited about. Within two months, I had 3 offers within the same week -- any of which I would have been happy accepting. Lisa was again an excellent resource in helping me make my decision and accepting an offer with the exact title, responsibilities, and career potential I was looking for. I've been in my new role for a couple of months now and am very happy with my decision and where my career is headed! Thank you, Lisa & Fink Development!"

Program Leader

Industry: Energy

"Itir and I started working together so I could get more clarity on where my career is headed both functionally and from a market perspective. The work we did had me explore what holds me back and the times I've been at my professional best and in doing so I was able to put so many of the disjointed pieces together. Itir has seen and done a lot in her career and is a wonderful guide to wander with into difficult places and it's a terrific experience."

Events Manager

Industry: Non-profit

"Working with Sarah really transformed my whole approach to my job search. I found myself feeling more empowered and noticed my inner critic quieting down. Our work together really helped me focus on goals and targets and ultimately I ended up with a new job that I am so excited about (not to mention a 15K raise in salary)!"

Vice President

Industry: Media

"My sessions with Katie were motivating and so valuable to my career development. As a coach she is always open, honest, positive and encouraging! The greatest impact has been helping to focus my career vision and the skills and experiences I want to focus on next. Because of our collaborative approach, I have a roadmap to do just that. My development will always be a work in progress, and to that end I feel my coaching work with Katie is not finished. I look forward to pushing on with her!" 

Program Manager

Industry: Technology

"Working with Jenni was incredible! Her superpower is cutting through the noise to create a strategy that will allow you to reach your goals by working smarter, not harder. My goal was to land a new job in 3-4 months in a completely different city, industry, and function. As I type this, I can proudly say I have reached this goal!" 

Vice President

Industry: Finance

"Fink Development's accelerator program is the right choice for those who need to evaluate and refine their career clarity and to develop current best practices for finding and executing on job opportunities. Jenni is a patient coach who listens and provides thoughtful, actionable and timely feedback. Words of wisdom for those who are considering this option: be prepared to do the work. This program's effectiveness depends on taking the time to go through the stages of evaluation and preparing an agenda in order to get the most out of 1:1 coaching sessions. As someone who has now completed the Accelerator, I feel vastly more confident in approaching the murky and challenging job market. I have clarity, I have a LinkedIn profile in which I am confident and I have a resume that reads like a list of accomplishments, not a list of tasks. I highly recommend this program and Jenni."

Medical Operations Associate

Industry: Government

"I'm at a critical crossroads in my life: a stay-at-home-mom of three years and wanting to change careers from healthcare consulting to product design. Jenni has a truly amazing ability to ask the right questions, sorting through all my experiences, plans for the future, and frustrations, and then pinpointing the weakness in my job search strategy. In that short 1 hour call, she was able to identify my needs, give solid and actionable advice, and build my confidence and hopes for my future. I definitely recommend Jenni to help bring clarity to your career journey and prepare you for your next steps!"

Executive VP/Interim CEO

Industry: Tourism

"I needed help preparing for a public interview in front of a board of directors. I had several sessions with Jenni to work on my presentation and my public speaking skills. Jenni was incredible strategic in her approach and her ability to put my thoughts into words was amazing. Together, we crafted a professional CEO-level presentation. Working with Jenni has been one of the best decisions of my career. I look forward to another opportunity to work with her."