Take a look at a few of our success stories

Take a look at

a few of our success stories


"I needed help preparing for a public interview in front of a board of directors. I had several sessions with Jenni to work on my presentation and my public speaking skills. Jenni was incredible strategic in her approach and her ability to put my thoughts into words was amazing. Together, we crafted a professional CEO-level presentation. Working with Jenni has been one of the best decisions of my career. I look forward to another opportunity to work with her. I will never do an important presentation or go through an interview process without hiring Jenni. Yes, she is THAT good!"

Education: Master of Management

"I'm at a critical crossroads in my life: a stay-at-home-mom of three years and wanting to change careers from healthcare consulting to product design. Jenni has a truly amazing ability to ask the right questions, sorting through all my experiences, plans for the future, and frustrations, and then pinpointing the weakness in my job search strategy. In a short 1 hour call, she was able to identify my needs, give solid and actionable advice, and build my confidence and hopes for my future. I definitely recommend Jenni to help bring clarity to your career journey and prepare you for your next steps! "

Medical Operations
Education: MBA

"Jenni was my coach for six sessions over a span of eight months. During that time, I grew as a professional and as a human being. What a gift it is to have a dedicated coach, a person to listen, to summarize and to repeat back your reflections. Jenni has a natural gift to actively listen, asking questions that helped me see my innate abilities and unique power. I tell my own students, the greatest gift they can give themselves is the ability to see themselves clearly. As a lifelong learner, I sought out a coach because it's important that I model what I teach; my sessions with Jenni affirmed one of my favorite learnings, that "relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself - to be is to be related" (Bruce Lee). I recommend Jenni's coaching to everyone committed to growth, to learning, and to reaching new professional and personal heights! "

Education: Master of Education

"Jenni did more for me in one hour than 10 years if therapy. Her ability to quickly provide a framework for thinking about your career is astounding. Within that area, not only had I clarified what mattered most to me in a new job, but I was able to take real tools into each interview thereafter. I found myself using her suggestions in my next interview, and landed a job shortly thereafter. In considering the offer, I again framed my thinking around Jenni's recommendations for how to think about my career, and for the first time ever, felt confident and settled in my decision. The job search can be overwhelming and daunting. Jenni offers a spectrum of services that hit each new hurtle of the process, ensuring any person can benefit from her coaching. I could not recommend more. "

Events and Marketing Manager
Education: Masters

"Jenni was wonderful to work with and helped me beyond what I could imagine. I engaged her for interview prep and assumed we would just conduct a few practice sessions.  Instead she helped me find what I was really looking for in a role, team, company, and career.  She also helped me find my voice and confidence in my abilities and experience.  Her thoughtful and thought-provoking questions forced me to really examine myself and what I wanted, and I ended up landing my dream job.  I interviewed for a role and they created a new position tailor-made for me that has been a perfect fit.  I am so grateful to Jenni that I was able to transition to a great job for me but more importantly that I found my voice in the process.  Thank you, Jenni!"

Education: MS, JD

"Jennifer was exceptionally helpful when I needed assistance starting my new career. She helped me discover what I wanted in a position. She also provided me with networking skills, particularly focusing on time-efficient methods for reaching out to individuals at companies I am interested in. Finally, she provided me with the confidence I needed when negotiating my first job offer."

Education: MEM

"Jennifer's ability to help people understand their skills, passions, and interests and then connect them into career opportunities is second to none. Working with Jenni has been and will continue to be a pleasure. I am confident that anyone who is looking for a career coach would benefit by working with her."

Education: MBA

"Jennifer is a fantastic coach. I worked with her while making a career transition, and I can not overstate the value she added. Jennifer took a holistic approach and helped me understand my true, authentic self. This led to a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and with her help I've landed in what I consider to be the perfect job for me (for the first time in my life). I feel extremely fortunate to have Jennifer as a coach, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for help and guidance."

Education: MBA

"I feel exceptionally lucky to have connected with Jennifer for coaching and working together. In looking for a coach, it's tricky to find the combination of support, optimism, and practical knowledge that she brings. While it is so easy to get bogged down by the many moving parts of progressing through career choices, Jennifer brought confidence and a sense of lightness to each of our communications. She particularly excelled at helping me solve whatever issue I was dealing with and not just put a patch on. Keeping the long-term goal in mind while progressing through shorter and intermediate milestones is a particular strength of hers.

She is empathetic, kind, and grounded in her perspective. Beyond her patience and practical knowledge, there was one thing about Jennifer that truly stands out to me - I really enjoyed my time with her. Thanks, Jenni!"

Education: MA

“I engaged Jenni for a few sessions for interview prep. She really helped me think about the job and interview in a different way. She helped me dig into the ‘why’ behind my answers, which helped me feel prepared for any question that came up in the interview. She was also thoughtful of when the interview prep sessions took place. She wanted to make sure it wasn't too close to the actual interview so I wasn't getting a lot of feedback right before I went into the interview. I was offered the job, but I will also take her techniques with me for future interviews.”

Education: BA

"Jenni was fantastic to work with. I’ve worked with several career coaches and many have an intellectual understanding of the right strategic steps to take at a given moment in the job search. Jenni has this too, but she went beyond intellectual strategy. What she has that no one else had was a deep understanding of human beings. She gets the importance of connecting with people as people, and I learned from her that this is often the most valuable skill in the job search. She also helped me pause and take stock of how I was feeling in a given moment, whether I was being authentic and genuine, and how that was impacting the actions I was taking. This emphasis was a key part of my ability to find the job that was right for me, and it wasn’t the one I had originally expected. To put it simply, she really cares about her clients — it’s not just a job for her. Because of that, she goes the extra mile and it makes a huge difference. She was also willing to be available at a moment’s notice when I needed advice and that was super helpful. Thank you Jenni!"

Education: MS, JD

"I have been working with Jennifer for about seven months; and in this short period, I have increased productivity in my work tenfold. I have also shifted my attitude towards my work from a feeling of duty to that of joy. In other areas of my life, Jenni has helped me recognize how to be a better me as compared to some other forms of therapy or coaching that ask you to revise your sense of self beyond recognition. During our sessions, her sensitivity to listen and of attunement to my current state is organic and refreshing, and has taught me to better trust my own instincts, self-knowledge, and sense of ethics. I think that Jenni has the flexibility to address the needs of a wide array of different personalities and even to accommodate random or seemingly unstructured thoughts about one's current situation in life or one's future goals. What I have found of my time with her has been invaluable to my own belief in myself in a way that is authentically expressive of me growing into myself, as a more confident, conscientious, and positive person. Thanks, Jenni! "

Education: PhD

"I had the privilege of speaking with Jennifer while I was job hunting and finishing my Masters degree. Jennifer opened the conversation with a thoughtful look at what my goals and interests were, my style of job searching, and what kind of actions I had already taken. Her analysis pointed out the gaps in my approach and she suggested a few tweaks to maximize my time and energy. Her recommendations were based on research and sound methodology -- she doesn't throw fluff at you that you can get from a self-help book! I had gotten a lot of career advice before speaking with her, and yet I still learned some key, valuable tips that I will take with me into the future. Thank you, Jennifer!"

Education: MEM

"Jenni went above and beyond when I engaged her for a resume revamp. With each session, Jenni took the time to get to know me, understand my experience, and learn about my goals. She did a phenomenal job translating my experiences into strong, robust bullets that communicated my abilities and expertise. During our sessions, she provided useful and insightful tips to make my job search and interview process more successful. Thank you Jenni!"

Education: BA

"Jenni gave me some direct and actionable feedback that changed not only how I format and draft my resume, but also how I approach compiling a document that represents my professional experience. Her professionalism and recommendations prove she has a trained eye for this type of work. My greatest takeaway was how to position the resume to be easily readable by ATS and humans. The frameworks for how recruiters review resume and what may have been giving off the wrong impression was super helpful."

Education: BS

"Working with JennI was an amazing experience. I didn't expect THAT much from my resume revamp. I appreciate Jenny's patience and attention to details. Yes, it took us few weeks and I experienced even some kind of resistance through the process, but as a result now I have a sparkling resume full of achievements and a story behind each bullet point. I feel more confident and ready to proceed with job seeking process. My greatest takeaway is that I thought I didn't achieve anything important through my work experience, I was so wrong! Now I have the whole list of achievements and a personal story behind each of it. I feel more confident and proud of myself. " 

Education: Masters