Revamp Your Resume 

With an individualized one-on-one coaching process that helps you see and communicate your unique value to attract the opportunities you deserve.

how I can help

The bottom line is: you need a resume that gets the results you want. 

Our resume revamp service helps you see and communicate the value of your background, experience, and skills with a level of clarity and confidence you've never felt before, so you can start attracting the opportunities that match what you desire and deserve. This offer is available only a few times a year, with limited spots available.

What you'll receive in working together: 

One-on-One Expert Support

I have reviewed thousands of resumes over the last decade and I'll bring all of my insights, experience, and trained eye to help you craft the best document possible.

Unlimited Revisions

Reflection and writing take time. I care about getting it "right", and I'll provide feedback and support until you walk away feeling confident and happy with the document we've produced.

Access to Resources

You'll receive access to my private resources, templates, examples, and step-by-step guides so you walk away with not only a great document but with life long skills to craft a stand-out resume any time you want.

How The Process Works

Step 01 Resume Strategy Call

We'll kick off the process with a 50-min resume strategy call to review your job target and ensure we are crystal clear on the type of opportunities we're crafting your resume towards. 

Step 02 Resume Analysis

We'll do an analysis of your current resume to decide what elements we should keep, what's needs to go, and what needs to be revamped to highlight your skills, experience, and accomplishments effectively. 

Step 03 Resume Re-build

We'll start from scratch with a resume template that works, and rebuild a new version together that highlights the most impressive elements of your unique background and value. 

Step 04 Resume Review

We'll conduct 3-4 rounds of revisions to ensure we're pulling out every last detail of your accomplishments and once we feel we've covered all the important ground, we'll do a final review to ensure your resume is error-free and ready for prime time.

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Client Praise

"Jenni went above and beyond when I engaged her for a resume revamp. With each session, Jenni took the time to get to know me, understand my experience, and learn about my goals.  She did a phenomenal job translating my experiences into strong, robust bullets that communicated my abilities and expertise. During our sessions, she provided useful and insightful tips to make my job search and interview process more successful. Thank you Jenni!"

Analyst - Consulting/Finance

"Working with Jenni was an amazing experience. I didn't expect THAT much from my resume revamp. I appreciate Jenni's patience and attention to details. Yes, it took us few weeks and I experienced even some kind of resistance through the process, but as a result now I have a sparkling resume full of achievements and a story behind each bullet point. I feel more confident and ready to proceed with job seeking process." 

PR Specialist - Marketing & PR

"I have so much more confidence in my resume after working with Jenni! Her approach was incredibly intuitive, informative, and comprehensive -- through her process, I was able to leverage important parts of my professional experience that were less visible before and learn to optimize the content for different roles. She was also incredibly supportive and flexible with the timeline of our work. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Program Manager - Educational Investment

"I am extremely pleased with the resume that came out of working with Jenni.  The process was informative, helpful and Jenni made it easy to do. I would definitely work with her again."

Teacher - Education

"Working with Jenni was a great experience. I felt my resume wasn't bad just lacking a few details. Jenni was able to take my general resume and optimize each section to bring it to life with color!"

Project Engineer - Renewables

"I thought I didn't achieve anything important through my work experience, I was so wrong! Now I have the whole list of achievements and a personal story behind each of it. I feel more confident and proud of myself." 

PR Specialist - Marketing & PR

"Within 30 minutes, Jenni gave me some direct and actionable feedback that changed not only how I format and draft my resume, but also how I approach compiling a document that represents my professional experience. Her professionalism and recommendations prove she has a trained eye for this type of work."

Marketing Campaign Manager - Technology

"Jenni was great to work with. She took a plain resume and made it shine! She dug in and helped me focus on metrics and key points of differentiation."

VP Marketing - Marketing