revamp your resume with purpose


Many jobseekers believe that their resume is the ticket to a new job. It's often the first thing that people do in the job search. It makes sense you want to apply to job, you need a snazzy resume, RIGHT? WRONG. 

Sadly, many people will pay resume writers to fancify their resume, but resume writers may only focus on making the words on your resume look better, without determining if the right words are there in the first place. This means you may walk away with a shiny new resume, but it may not actually help you in your search, and it definitely won't help you when you get tho the interview table. 

At Fink Development, we approach your resume from a coaching perspective, helping you to examine the stories of your career, to understand how your experience aligns with where you're going, and ultimately express your fit with the roles you're applying to.

Your resume is not a document to be checked off, it's a process of reflection and clarity.




Do you feel invisible in the job search process? Are you wondering how to get your profile to stand out? Have you been sending out dozens or hundreds of applications without getting a response? Do you want to make sure you’re communicating your value effectively?

We will review your resume to check your overall design, examine what you're communicating, and identify areas where you could communicate your unique contributions more powerfully.

You'll walk away with clear insights, action steps, and a personalized pricing recommendation of how we can work together to optimize your job search materials.