I help professionals get clear on what 'success' looks like for their career after kids.

After more than a decade of HR + Communications roles in corporate-land including big Tech, Media and Nonprofit, Sarah moved into helping people connect to their stories, their potential, and their curiosities, as a career and leadership coach. If you're looking for a coach that can support you with making some bold moves, partnered with a little bit of wit, then let's chat. 

Sarah Lennon


"I know what it's like to wake up one day (or perhaps many days) and realize that the corporate ladder you've been climbing up is leaning against the wrong wall."

"Sarah helped me to open so many doors inside my mind, becoming more aware of my potential, my skills, and being able to communicate all of these in a story that can catch everyone's attention. Super professional and a pleasure to talk to, as a coach and as a friend. Great listener and a fantastic coach!"

account director


About Sarah

With over 14 years’ of experience across multiple industries in roles based in HR, Employee Experience, Communications and Marketing, the common thread throughout Sarah's career has been one thing - people. Known as a connector, there is nothing she loves more than connecting people to opportunities, knowledge and their own potential. 

Taking this experience, she founded Story Coach in 2019 and is now focusing on working with people who happen to be parents and have reached a place where they know their current career doesn’t align with their family or with who they are anymore (or ever). As an ACC coach with the ICF, Sarah has worked with hundreds of mid-level professionals across industries like Tech, Finance, FMCG, Nonprofit and Healthcare. 

Sarah is based in Dublin, Ireland but coaches individuals and facilitates workshops for organizations in the UK, as well as globally. 

Her Client's Work At 

"From my very first interaction with Sarah, I felt welcomed into her orbit. She a natural includer and has a warm presence that allows you to feel like your in safe and trusting hands. I find that these are incredibly important attributes for the work that she does around story telling, inner critic, and questioning your life and career as a parent, which can all be incredibly vulnerable territory. I whole heartedly recommend Sarah's coaching and her incredible Irish accent." 

jennifer fink, founder, fink development

Sarah's Services

Learn about Sarah's services and book a call to explore what it would be like to work together.

One-on-one Coaching

Offers 4-6 month coaching programs to support individuals through career clarity and transition so you can start showing up clear, confident, and re-energized in your life and career.

Team Days

An experienced facilitator - and certified Mischief Maker, Sarah has worked with teams who need to reconnect, build trust and find new ground.If you think serious results require serious behaviour - this isn't for you but if your team is open to embracing play, curiosity and fun during your away day, connect with Sarah.

Workshop Facilitation

Sarah delivers workshops that support employees to thrive, connect, and ultimately grow. If you’re looking to transform your culture, dig into your ways of working and bring the energy up within your team - then let’s chat.

Additional Praise and Testimonials

"The job search landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and Sarah is the ideal guide to help you navigate this challenging and stressful time. Through our sessions, she has helped me face my inner critic head on, build my confidence and ease my anxieties by providing me with a clear and thoughtful path to follow in building my career story. I look forward to our sessions, I just wish they were longer! : )" 

marketing professional, technology industry

"Working with Sarah really transformed my whole approach to my job search. I found myself feeling more empowered and noticed my inner critic quieting down. Our work together really helped me focus on goals and targets and ultimately I ended up with a new job that I am so excited about (not to mention a 15K raise in salary)!"

events manager,

marketing industry

"Job hunting can be painful, and unexciting. Working with Sarah has made the process more enjoyable and has also given me an opportunity to reflect more on my goals. I loved our brainstorming sessions and found it very easy to open up to her! One of the biggest benefits of the sessions was that I was able to articulate my journey in a more coherent and interesting manner."

Manager, entrepreneurship industry

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