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Run Your Business with Action & Impact

Emily Weltman (she/her) is the Founder of Collective Flow Consulting, Co-Founder of Rage2Rainbows, and a Social Entrepreneur. Her mission is to make work not suck, online and irl. She advises founders and solopreneurs, working to achieve gender parity and inclusion one business at a time. Emily’s colleague said it best when describing her work as, “Radical […]

The Importance of Cultivating Your Professional Story

Sarah Lennon knows what it’s like to wake up one day, or many, and realize your career ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. With her multi-industry knowledge and years of experience in coaching roles, Sarah brings a well-rounded approach to her coaching methodology. Passionate about connection, she thrives in helping clients cultivate their “professional […]

The Coach for Your Next Career Upgrade

With over a decade of HR experience, Nicole Case found herself being the coach to her colleagues when they needed advice or guidance. Her natural knack for coaching and problem solving attracted everyone her way. It was then, she realized coaching was an avenue that played to her strengths, values, and interests and she took […]

The Guide for Your Next Ambitious Career Move

Katie Baird gained her coaching foundation during her eight years in various strategy consulting roles. As a consultant, she recognized her passion for creating space for professional growth and took the leap into coaching and development. Katie derives her joy from investing in others, developing leaders, and facilitating learning for highly motivated professionals. Read more […]

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