Don't Let Life Pass You By

Join our community for multi-passionate, mid-career professionals who are ready to lean into their authenticity, claim what they truly desire, and cultivate a life and career on their own terms.


If You're Here, You Want To Live A Life With Intention

It's common to look up at mid-career and realize that your life doesn't look how you want it to. You've done the hard work of reaching "success" in your career, but you've been playing by other people's rules, instead of your own. You know this way of living isn't your ideal, and you want more.

You want better alignment between the work you need to do and the life you want to live.

But, while setting your personal goals and making a plan to achieve them sounds simple on the surface, it's actually really hard in practice. You've probably made multiple attempts to make some life changes that haven't quite worked.

It's common to get stuck in the relentless nature of life and want the easy way out.

But, implementing short-term strategies to your current pain points won't solve the deeper issue of lacking clarity around what you want your life to look like and creating a clear roadmap to make it a reality.

That's where The Authenticity Lab comes in.

You can't live life on your own terms until you lean into your authenticity, first.

This is why we take a wholistic approach that focuses on building a foundation of authenticity to truly discover what matters most to you, how you want to show up in the world, and what you want for your life, before embarking on a journey of change.

How To Know If You're In The Right Place

If you're a busy, hard-working, growth-oriented, mid-career professional who's ready to start showing up with more intention, clarity, and authenticity to truly live the life you're longing for, you're in the right place.

What You're Looking For Is

Clarity and Confidence About What's Next 

You're been feeling stuck and ready for a change, but you aren't sure what you truly want. You may have tried some self-reflection or other solutions in the past, but you haven't been able to turn your ideas into tangible insights to act on.

More Balance, Freedom, and Flexibility

You're tired of feeling too busy, too overworked, and too overcommitted to spend your time in ways that make the most sense for you. You have a long list of interests, hobbies, and passions but you need more time to be able to explore them.

A More Fulfilling Life and Career

You're no longer feeling challenged or inspired by the work you're doing or the life you're living. You know you want to be living a life with intention that you feel proud of, but so far you haven't figured out how to make it happen.

 This is what we wanted, too. That's why we figured out how to create it. 

Introducing The Authenticity Lab

We created a program that brings together the space, the structure, and the support you need to turn your ideal life and career into a reality.

the space

To accomplish the deep clarity work necessary to cultivate a life and career on your own terms you need to be able to create the time and reflection. In this program, you'll get access to a safe virtual space for reflecting on your top priorities, goals, and aspirations. You'll learn how to approach this work with a calm mind and a clear framework. Doing this work is difficult, for everyone, but have a time-proven process that guides you through the right questions is key.

the structure

To move your most aspirational goals forward, you need to have a clear process and structure in place to stay focused and intentional with how you're spending your time. You will learn about new strategies, tools, and resources to help you carve out a roadmap forward and clear actions you can track. Most people struggle with having clear processes and systems to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to life outside of work. 

the support

Accountability is the key to keeping your motivation high, even when life inevitability gets in your way. In this program, you'll gain access to a private virtual community of like-minded peers aiming to cultivate an authentic life and career just like you, and a collective of powerhouse coaches to customize your goals and plans even further.

How The Lab Works

Through our signature methodology, you'll gain access to new tools, insights, and resources to ideate on your most authentic goals and then build a strategic roadmap to achieve them. No more just wishing you were spending your time on the things that matter to you, just clear, intentional actions forward.

Step 1

Dream Up Your Desired Life:

To cultivate a life and career on your own terms, you need to be able to create the time to reflect. First, you will learn how to approach this work with a calm mind and a clear framework. You'll dream up and sketch out what you want your life to look like without limitations. 

Pre-Work: Gain access to our favorite resources and in just 60-mins identify your most authentic values and develop your passion roadmap for the next 3 moths, 1 year, 3 years, and lifetime.

Walk away with a clear picture of your top priorities, goals and aspirations.

Step 2

Strategize Your Game Changers:

With a constant and hectic life, it's easy to let your personal goals take the back seat. In this step, you'll learn how to hone in on your biggest game-changers, strategize clear actions to move them forward, and get back on track when life derails you now and again. 

Monthly Trainings: Join our 90-min monthly community training call to identify your game-changers and then ideate and plan your roadmap for the month and 1st week ahead.

Walk away with a clear roadmap of how to break down your goals into accomplishable steps that are realistic for your lifestyle.

Step 3

Execute Your Roadmap:

Finally, with our structured community, you'll have a safe space to ideate, learn, try, fail, and start again. We all have great dreams and ambitions for our lives, but the reality is that it's just damn hard to move them forward on our own. 

Weekly Planning: Receive weekly email and video check-ins to reflect, celebrate, and modify your plan to ensure you stay consistent and accountable to what's most important to you. 

Walk away with the accountability, and support you need to start cultivating a life and career you love, starting today.

Step 4

Monthly Review:

Progress generally isn't made in an instant. It takes dedicated reflection, intention, and clear actions to move your goals and priorities forward, especially the most important ones. Carving out time to reflect is critical to your personal growth and development.

Self-Reflection: Reflect on the past month, and document how you feel, what went well, and what could go better as you move your roadmap forward.

Walk away with clear insights into how your plan is going and what tweaks to make in the month ahead.

You Probably Want To Know

Why Authenticity?

Because the best way to create a fulfilling, balanced, enriching life is to get clear on who you are, what you care about, and what lights you up inside. So many of us want to feel more confident about the journey we're on, but miss the critical step of starting with the right foundation.

Why The Lab?

Because it turns out that living the life you desire is actually really frickin hard! It's an iterative process of thinking, acting, and learning to move your desires forward. Even if you have motivation, it isn't enough. The lab provides strategies, support, and accountability to stop dreaming and start living.

Why Now?

Because let's face is short. It's easy to think, "I will get to it.....when", but have that day never come. There will never be an easier, more carefree, less busy time. That's just not reality. In our minds, there is no "real" excuse for letting go of your opportunity to live your best and most authentic life, today.

What's Included In The Authenticity Lab

A Community To Reflect, Plan, and Cultivate A Life You Love

No fluff and no woo. Just a cozy virtual community and clear, calm, confident strategies honed over the last decade to help you take intentional steps to move your most authentic goals forward, on your own terms.

Monthly Group Training Calls

Monthly 90-min training calls to design your top game-changers and roadmap for the month ahead.

Virtual Community for Peer-to-Peer Support

A virtual community to connect, share, encourage, and receive support from fellow members.

Weekly Inspiration and Accountability

Weekly content to help you stay consistent and focused on your top priorities.

Access To An Online Learning Library

An online library of monthly replays and additional resources, interviews, and training videos.

What Our Clients Say About Authenticity

"For those things that spring directly from your core values, you owe it to yourself in this short life to pursue them with all the emotional energy you can muster."

- Nicholas B, Principle UX Designer

"I learned that these strengths, values, and interests can and should change! And once they do, that it’s healthy to re-evaluate your current state, and ask yourself if your current position really serves you." - Natalie H. - Sr. Program Mgr.

"It is a framework for life, in all aspects. I find myself centering on clarity for my personal life, my marriage, my relationships, work, goals, hobbies… everything. Having clarity in one aspect highlighted a need for clarity in others. I can’t really unsee it now. I strive for clarity in everything, whenever possible now."

- Spencer H. - Sr. Product Manager

How To Know If You Should Enroll

The Authenticity Lab is the solution to actually cultivating a career and life you love.

It's a calming space to answer what makes you uniquely and authentically you; an ideation space to test out your deepest curiosities, interests, and aspirations; and an accountability space to start truly living in alignment with what you desire. 

The Lab Is Ideal For You If You're Ready  

  • For better balance between your work and life to pursue your most colorful dreams, before it's too late.
  • To choose a hobby, interest, or lofty idea and move it forward so you can spend your time on things that you feel proud of and energized by.
  • To carve out and protect your "you-time" without guilt or shame.
  • To ensure you're prioritizing your health and wellness in ways that feel fun, not forced, because you've realized that without your health nothing else really matters.
  • To learn a clear system to stay focused on your personal goals and aspirations, without getting lost in the overwhelm.
  • To feel confident that you're making decisions with intention and not just taking shiny opportunities that come your way.

Ready? Join The Waitlist

Register below to be added to our waitlist for The Authenticity Lab, launching Fall 2023. Membership will be capped for the launch and members will be invited to join based on the order on the waitlist. Entering your details does not require you to participate. 


There's A Better Way To Not Lose Yourself To Work

The truth is, if we want to avoid burning out, we each have to find time to step back; cultivate our curiosities, interests, and passions, and remember who we are apart from our jobs and our family roles.

- Eve Rodsky, Find Your Unicorn Space

What You Can Achieve With Authenticity

When you lean into what makes your authentically and uniquely you it creates powerful ripple effects in your life and career.

Gain Clarity and Confidence

No more feeling stuck about how to make the right decisions for your life and career.

Find A Sense of Peace And Fulfillment

No more worrying or ruminating on stories or beliefs that no longer serve you.

Spend Your Time On What Matters Most

No more regret that you'll look back and wish you spent your time differently.

Articulate Your Personal Brand

No more fear of sharing or "selling" your story to others.

Prioritize Your Wellness

No more pushing your most important priorities to the wayside.

Maintain Better Boundaries

No more being overworked, over committed, or burnt out.

Advance Your Career 

No more being passed over for your most ideal career opportunities.

Re-energize A Lost Passion

No more just dreaming of your outside interests and hobbies.

Become A Better Leader

No more wondering how to show up as the impactful manager or leader you want to be.


When are the live trainings held ?

The live trainings will be held on Mondays at 10am PST. We chose a consistent day and time, so that you can plan ahead and know what to expect. If you're worrying, how can I carve out 60-90 mins of me-time to regularly reflect and plan, what we can say is you definitely need to join this community ; ) 

What if I can't attend a live training?

While most people will want to attend the live sessions and we encourage you to carve out the time for yourself, because hey you're important and that's why this community exists in the first place. But, we also know that life will arise. If you aren't able to make the live trainings, you can catch the replay in our learning library at your earliest convenience and still engage with the community in the portal. 

Who will this be led by?

The Authenticity Lab was designed and will be led by Founder, Jennifer Fink. 

Will we be using a special planner or can I use my own?

We will encourage you to use our favorite planner to follow along in our process step-by-step. The planner pages can be downloaded for free, or you can select and purchase your planner from dozens of designs (and receive our discount code). Of course, if you have your own planner or system you love for goal setting you're welcome to adapt what you learn to your own method.

How much does it cost?

The community membership is currently priced at $75/mo or $750 for annual subscription. You can cancel at any time. 

How many people will be in the community?

The first month will be capped at 50 members. We'll slowly add more members from the waitlist, each subsequent month. Ensuring that the community doesn't grow larger than we're able to support and still provide a high-quality member experience.

Do you have any group or organization discounts?

As a matter of fact, we do. Individual Discounts: We are currently have a bring-a-friend offer. For each friend you invite who joins the lab, you will get an additional month for free. Organizational Discounts: If you're an organization that would like to enroll a group or team of employees, reach out for discounts to