Cultivate a life you love.

A 3-part virtual workshop to help mid-career professionals start thriving in all areas of their life by clarifying their most aligned goals and creating the necessary habits to move them forward.

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You're a busy, successful professional who seems to have it all.

You've worked hard to get where you are and you're well-accustomed to knocking your professional goals out of the park. But, while it looks like you've got it all together on the outside, the reality is you know you're not living your ideal life. And you're afraid that if you don't start making some changes now the next 10 years will pass you by.

You want to feel like you're thriving in all areas of your life, not just work.

But actually accomplishing your goals has felt near impossible with the hectic, constant demands of everyday life.

These days it feels like:

  • You're spending too much time on work and not enough on yourself, your wellbeing, and your health.
  • You want more free time to pursue interests without feeling guilty about the long list of responsibilities piling up.
  • You crave the energy and freedom to pick up travel, instead of it feeling like it's a giant lift just to have a little fun. 
  • You want more energy to cultivate your relationships, instead of feeling like the ones you have are fading away.
  • You're ready for a career that truly lights you up inside instead of just checking the comfortability and security box.
  • You want to start making a larger impact in the world but are bogged down by relentless and boring work.

Start living life on your own terms, before it's too late.

It's time to start cultivating the thriving life and career you long for, without feeling like you have to make drastic, unrealistic changes to get there.


The Authenticity Lab

A 3-part virtual workshop and community ideation space where you will set your vision for your most aspirational life.

The lab was built for multi-passionate, mid-career professionals who are ready to lean into their most authentic and true desires, overcome the everyday obstacles that keep them stuck and overwhelmed, and create a roadmap to start thriving in all areas of their lives, not just work.

Join us for three 90-minute workshops*:

Part 1: Date and Time TBD

Part 2: Date and Time TBD

Part 3: Date and Time TBD

*Replays available for those who cannot attend live.

You'll learn how to:

Approach your career with radical authenticity towards your most aligned and aspirational goals for 2024.

Create calm and resilience to combat the overwhelm, tension, and relentless nature of work and life.

Design and implement your dream schedule that includes guilt-free time for interests, hobbies, and wellness.

Create more freedom, energy, and flexibility to spend more time on what matters most and drives the greatest impact.

Just $200 for all 3 workshops.

"Working with Jenni was incredible! Her superpower is cutting through the noise to create a strategy that will allow you to reach your goals by working smarter, not harder."

Natalie H.


What's included in The Authenticity Lab.

Our Signature Methodology

With step-by-step strategies to clarify, plan, and cultivate the life you're longing for.

A 3-Part Virtual Workshop

Each workshop session is 90-mins long and held from 10am - 11:30am PST.

Part 1:  Date TBD

Part 2: Date TBD

Part 3: Date TBD

Virtual Peer Community 

A private virtual community to ask questions, connect, and gain inspiration as craft your roadmap for your best year yet.

Downloadable Workbooks 

Downloadable workbooks to follow step-by-step through our process, so instead of just learning "how" to approach your 2024 roadmap, you can spend protected time actually crafting it.

Lifetime Access to Replays

Access to the replays to catch the group workshop recordings if you can't make the live sessions. 

Coaching Office Hours 

Office hours with Jennifer Fink. Schedule a 20-min 1:1 coaching session to get support on your goals and roadmap for the year ahead. 

The Workshops

The Authenticity Lab includes three 90-minute workshop sessions spread out over 3 weeks so that you have time to reflect on what you’ve learned before diving into the next workshop.

Here's what we'll cover in each workshop:

Part 1 - ideate your lifestyle

Date: TBD

Learn how to clarify what it means to thrive in all areas of your life and how you can live in alignment with what you truly desire.

You'll learn how to:

  • Get an accurate picture of where you’re at and where you’re going so there’s no confusion about what you want to achieve.
  • Choose your most game-changing priorities so you know what to focus on.
  • Visualize your dream and the best ways to amplify your energy to do the right tasks at the right time.

You’ll walk away with clarity on your most aspirational and aligned goals for the year ahead, and a feeling of inspiration so you’re ready to take the next steps to achieve them. 

part 2 - breakthrough your barriers

Date: TBD

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Several strategies based on behavioral science, mindfulness, and coaching methodologies to break through mental resistance that keeps you stuck and unmotivated 
  • How to adopt achievable behaviors that move you forward toward your goals, 
  • How to establish productivity habits and boundaries that give you more time and freedom

Walk away with a new toolkit, insights, and sense of confidence that you have everything you need to combat the most difficult obstacles that will come your way without getting derailed or losing momentum.

part 3 - revolutionize your roadmap

Date: TBD

In this session, you’ll start to put your plan into action in ways that are the most realistic and optimistic for your life. 

Together, we’ll:

  • Learn how to break down your top priorities and ensure that you’re 100% confident you can achieve them.
  • Start to create your roadmap for the next quarter to ensure you’re carving out time on your schedule to start cultivating the life and career you want.
You'll walk away with a concrete, personalized roadmap and the exact steps you need to take to move the needle on your vision.

All 3 workshops for just $200.

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when our next enrollment opens.

"It is a framework for life, in all aspects. I find myself centering on clarity for my personal life, my marriage, my relationships, work, goals, hobbies… everything. Having clarity in one aspect highlighted a need for clarity in others. I can’t really unsee it now. I strive for clarity in everything, whenever possible now." 


Hi, I'm Jenni!

I did all the right things. I put my head down, climbed the ranks to the director level at a prestigious institution, got the 6-figure salary, and lived in one of the most desirable cities in the world, San Francisco. I had “made it.”

....Except it didn't really feel that way.

Like many other mid-career professionals, I woke up one day realizing that my life didn’t actually look the way I wanted it to.

Though I was “at the top,” my role wasn't actually aligned with my core strengths, values, and interests; the culture was sending me on a steep path to burnout; and my health was suffering with all kinds of inexplicable ailments.

I knew that if I didn't shed my work comes first mentality, no one else would do it for me.

That’s when I decided to make a radical shift by putting myself first, getting clear on what I wanted, and actually going after it.  

I leveraged my insights into human behavior and built new systems to manage my work and life. And a LOT changed:

  • My health started to improve.
  • I started to find the hobbies and interests that checked my fun box again. 
  • I was able to prioritize and cultivate the relationships that mattered the most to me.
  • I started loving every second of the work that I was doing. 
  • And my family and I started to follow our dream of building a second life abroad. 

I had finally achieved my own definition of thriving continually growing, developing, and achieving success towards my aligned and authentic vision.

And I designed The Authenticity Lab to help you do the same. The insights, tools, and accountability you find in the lab will help you get clear on what you actually want, develop a roadmap showing you exactly how to get there, and create behavior change that actually works and lasts. 

So if you’re ready bring your vision of thriving to life, join us for reflection, learning, implementation, and support.

"Jenni was fantastic to work with. I’ve worked with several career coaches and many have an intellectual understanding of the right strategic steps to take at a given moment.... Jenni has this too, but she went beyond intellectual strategy. What she has that no one else had was a deep understanding of human beings."



Is The Authenticity Lab right for you?

The Authenticity Lab is for multi-passionate, growth-oriented, mid-career professionals who are ready to stop playing by other people's rules, and start living by their own.

The Authenticity Lab is right for you if:

You’re finally ready to thrive in every aspect of your life—beyond just your career.
You want to gain clarity around what truly matters to you and create a roadmap for making meaningful progress.
You’re not living your ideal life… yet. But you’re ready to take action to make it your reality.
You want a little bit of accountability to get past any challenges that are holding you back. (And you know it’s easier with support!)
You’re inspired by being around amazing individuals doing amazing things!

All 3 workshops for just $200.

"Jenni's insight, honesty, curiosity, and thoughtfulness helped me confront and evaluate what I learned about myself through a different lens than I was capable of doing on my own. She kept me focused and accountable, and encouraged me to be curious and push myself beyond my inherently limited comfort zone."



Enroll In The 2024 Authenticity Lab Here.

2024 Authenticity Lab


Get access to the 3-part live virtual workshop and on-demand replays, plus a private community to connect with others, and 1:1 coaching office hours as you craft your 2024 roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to enroll?

The deadline to enroll is January 11th, 2024. If you want to get in before doors close or spots fill up, grab your spot today!

When are the workshops held ?

The live group sessions will be held on Friday, Jan 12th, 19th, and 26th, 2024 from 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. PST. If you're worried about carving out 90 mins of me-time to reflect and plan, then you DEFINITELY need to join this workshop ; )

Will this workshop be offered again?

We anticipate offering this workshop again, but we're not sure when. Join the waitlist if you'd like to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

What if I can't attend a session?

If you aren't able to make the live sessions, you can catch the replay in our learning library at your earliest convenience and still engage with the community in the portal. 

Who will be leading this workshop? 

The Authenticity Lab was designed and will be led by Founder and Coach, Jennifer Fink. 

When will the coaching office hours be offered?

Coaching office hours will be available each week, from January 19th, 2024 through February 19th, 2024. There will be hours available across multiple days and time slots, so each participant will be able to sign up for at least one 20-min coaching session to discuss their goals and roadmap for the year ahead.

Do you have a refund policy?

We fully believe the inspirational and tangible insights, tools, and strategies in our workshop will help you radically change your life, if you're willing to show up with an open mind and do the work. 

If you attend all 3 workshops in their entirety (fully present and engaged with your camera on) and decide after those 3 days that you don't believe you received the value you invested, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

It's not too late to change your trajectory.

Listen, here's what I know to be true in working with mid-career professionals like you, over the last decade. 

Change is hard. Trying new things is even harder. And, striving for excellence in all areas of your life probably seems damn near impossible. 

But it's a hell of a lot easier with the right strategies and support system in place.

We are only here on earth for such a short period of time, and I firmly believe it's in our best interest to make the most of it. 

It's not too late to start working toward the life and career you want. 

Are you ready to get started?