So you want to be in a job that feels more fulfilling, impactful and engaging?

You want to feel valued and valuable? (Read that again)!

But, you feel overwhelmed by the job search process, and don’t know where to begin, what you’re targeting, or even what options exist.

The idea of going through the job search again has you taking note of all the things that you don’t feel complete or ready on:

  • Your resume needs work
  • Your Linkedin profile needs updating
  • Your networking game is….well, let’s not talk about it

Just to name a few. The thought of fixing it all seems impossible with the little time you have, but you know it’s important to effectively apply and get the call back.

You’re not getting any traction or much feedback so you know something is missing, but what it is has you utterly confused.

I get it, you sound like the majority of people we speak with.

What does this mean for building your ideal career?

It's means that you need to set a clear target and get a solid action plan in place. Job transition is all about strategy and execution.  Without clear, efficient, and effective strategies in place, the job search process can be mentally and emotionally destructive.

Many jobseekers are doing things that feel intuitive, but, in fact, the job search process is highly nuanced and is almost the exact opposite of what feels intuitive.

Sometimes changing one element, or one strategy can make the entire difference between a job search that lasts four months vs. two years. 

We want you to know you’re not alone. Everyone struggles, or else career coaches wouldn't exist. 

If you’re ready to land a new position you love, as quickly and as easily as possible and you’re willing to do the work...listen up.

Job searching can actually be easy and fun if you approach from a place of clarity and confidence. We help people reframe the process so that they are using proactive strategies that will accelerate their process, versus reactive strategies that make you feel like you're running at full pace on a hamster wheel. 


One of our recent clients…..came to us because he’d been out of work on the job hunt for a year, he had convinced himself that he couldn’t land the job he really wanted because he didn’t have the right education, the right experience, or the right story to get there. 


Instead, he was applying for jobs where he thought he’d be more seen as more “qualified”, but getting little traction and not progressing in the interviews he was getting. We helped him see that, in fact, he already had everything he needed to make the transition that he REALLY wanted (even though it’s one of the most competitive roles in the market today). 


After using the strategic techniques we taught him to clarify his target, articulate his story, grow his network, and express his fit for the role, he landed not 1 but 2 offers, in JUST 4 months, for his dream role at his dream companies, and nearly doubled his previous salary, now earning over $100K!


Is this the result for every client, well no, but it certainly can be for those who are ready and committed to doing the work to get there.

What are your next steps?

Download your free guide on How to Navigate Your Career Transition with Confidence and Authenticity.

In this 6-step guide you will learn:

  • The 6 steps of career transition, so you can stop wondering what they heck you should be doing, and instead start following a clear step-by-step plan. 
  • The top mistakes and misconceptions about the jobsearch process that often get in jobseekers way, so you can watch out for them and then dance right around them without slowing down.
  • Several proactive strategies that will help you get in control of your own career transition process, instead of waiting around to get some response from those recruiters, hiring managers, or application black hole that never seem to respond to you.

Once you've downloaded your guide, you should be able to start taking some action steps on your own! If you'd like to chat with us further about our coaching method, and how we can support your next career move, reach out.  

**Please note that if your assessment had a tie between two results, we provided the more foundational stage. If you'd like to discuss your results with our team, reach out.

Who are we?

Fink Development was Founded in 2013, by me Jennifer Fink, because I witnessed firsthand how confusing the career journey was, and how many people wanted clear advice, strategies, and support to navigate their career successfully. 

A decade later, Fink Development has grown to a network of coaches who have all experienced a similar journey of testing out different careers, climbing the corporate ladder, and then getting serious about what we truly wanted for our careers.

We may have all had a slightly different path, but we’ve all taken control of our careers to figure out who we really are, what our zone of genius is, what we want our lives to look like, and how to build a fulfilling, engaging, and impactful career. 

Every day, we help mid-career professional identify the next step towards building and sustaining a thriving career.

We hope that you'll join our community and take the next action step towards your ideal career.